Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still Tired, but Feeling Happier

So, I'm having a pretty good week. I'm still very tired at the end of everyday (and through most of the middle of it), but I'm not feeling as down about that. I guess I'm just getting better at getting things done when I have the energy and resting when I have to. I just can't stand when the house is messy, so I never feel good resting even if I do feel exhausted when there are dishes to do, etc. But I'm learning to think ahead with that.

Work is going well. The new owner takes over completely next week. That's a little strange and new, but I think it'll be fun. She seems pretty nice and fun, so that's cool.

I've been having photographer angst for the convalidation ceremony. At first I was worried I wouldn't be able to find one we could fit in the budget. (Thanks again for the tip Pam, but Michelle doesn't do weekdays or wedding type things.) A few different leads fell through, so I was a little frustrated. Not to mention, did you know that professional wedding photography costs THOUSANDS of dollars. Ugh. BUT, one of the ladies at Curves suggested I check craigslist and now I have my pick of amateur, part-time, and student photographers who are all very nice and affordable. So now my problem is knowing how to decide on the right one. Oh man.

So, I've got a beef with wedding planning. In fact, I had the same problem when I was planning our original wedding. I think it might actually be morally wrong to pay as much as five or six thousand dollars for pictures. Or five hundred to a thousand for cake. Or ten thousand on a dress. And this is not me being cheap or worrying about budget. I'm seriously debating the morality of the money spent on weddings. It's like as soon as a service hears "wedding" the price for the very same service or product will triple or quadruple. Because they use some kind emotional blackmail to make brides demand things. And brides demanding things is one of the most powerful consumer forces ever. At least I think.

Why this topic? Well, I've been thinking about our sacramental ceremony and how it might be nice to have some of the things we couldn't afford the first time, like limos and a professional photographer and a professional cake. And I think I almost fell for the whole "most important day of your life" line. Which is silly, because you can only have one MOST important day, so which one would I pick? Anyway, we might get the limo, and of course, we'll hire someone to take pictures, though not a flashy photog. But I will be making the cake again, and I will be doing my own flowers again. And I'll probably do my own hair and makeup. And I might just get a flash of self-satisfied pride (which I'm sure is as serious a sin as decadence in the first place) for not falling for the popular culture attitude that places a bride as head consumer and makes consumerism for the wedding as important as the marriage.

On a less rant-y note, tonight Ben and I are headed for Tucson. He has a conference to go to, and I got invited along to stay at the resort too. We'll be there till Friday morning. I'm thinking exfoliating treatment and massage tomorrow. Oh yeah. I've been promising myself a massage as a reward for working out regularly since Oct. I think it's time I've earned it. So that's pretty awesome.

Project wise, I'm about seventy percent done with the second pillowcase of the set. My dress is still no farther than being a bunch of pieces. I need to start a knitting project for the trip, because I think that'll be easier to travel with than the embroidery.

I'm promising pictures later. Pictures of my crazy sweet potato vines that are taking over the kitchen and the pillowcases. And maybe Logan's birthday present, because I'm feeling proud of it. But for now I have to get to work, so pictures this afternoon.

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