Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Die Hard is a Christmas Movie and Lethal Weapon is a Love Story

So, is everyone sick of seeing the same post on the my blog? Well, not anymore!

Ma and dad got here yesterday. The car we rented is so adorable. It's a cream colored PT Cruiser Convertible with a black soft top. It's like a little tuxedo car. Perfect for a wedding.

Today is cake day. Yum. I planned decorations out of beads and wire so that I won't have to do much but bake and frost. And clean.

Brian and Julie are coming tonight. Yay!

I've got most of what has to get done done. And things are looking good.

I picked up a crap load of palm branches that fell in the wind yesterday. I have them out and ready for the trash guys already this morning. More like ten crap loads. They're big.

Okay, maybe pictures later.

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