Friday, June 29, 2007

Sometimes mono comes back... again.

So, I had a talk with my boss yesterday about going back to two days of work a week. Emily doesn't come back to town till a couple weeks into August, and I've just been feeling so gross, I had to find out if it were possible to be on for just two days before then. She was really cool and worked it out with the other daytime person. I hope there's not a lot of hard feelings about her having to take those days, but I've just been soooooo tired, I had to do it.

I explained to her that I had mono those months back and didn't know it at the time, and I've been tired and sick on and off since then. From what I understand, you get a virus like that, and it doesn't go away, and every once in a while, the symptoms will come back for a few days. And hopefully, the reoccurances become farther between as time goes on. Anyway, the dr's only suggestions were to rest more, because there's not much more you can do to get better. So, I'll get to rest more in a little while, and I'm pretty glad about that.

It's not even the extra rest that I'm so relieved about, it's more that that's one less day that I'm spending absolutely all of my energy on work, leaving not much left for housework and Ben. I told her, when I'm at work, I give it my all, because no one wants to come in to work out and see a sick tired person. You have to be energenic and cheerfull for my job, so then, when I go home, I pretty much turn into a lethargic puddle. Poor Ben must be sick of being married to a puddle. But now with an extra day at home, I'll be able to keep things done here so much better, and it'll give me extra down time, so I can be more up on the weekends or whenever. I'm feeling very grateful that it worked out.

I haven't really been up to much this week. I got hooked on potholders and dishcloths last weekend, so I've just been tearing through skeins of Sugar'n'Cream. Everyone I know gets a potholder, whether they want one or not.

I did buy some pretty pretty yarn yesterday at michaels. It wasn't what I went in for at all, but I could not resist it. It's called SWS by Patons. It's wool and soy and makes stripes, and it's all soft pinks and browns. I bought five skeins so I could make a scarf for myself with it. I'm having buyer's remorse now, so if I don't absolutely love how it knits up, I might end up returning four of the skeins.

I've been making plans this morning for the Stitch n Pitch in Detroit on Sept. 9. I'm totally excited about it, it's always so much fun to go to the Tigers' games with my family. Plus knitting!

I saw a quilt block on the Fons and Porter quilting show, and I was just so fascinated with how it went together, I'm tempted to try and make one today. But I'm not exactly sure what I'd do with it once I made it. I did buy some greens and purples at the quilt store when Julie and Joyce and Ma and I went in May. I was planning to do pillow shams to match our wedding quilt with them. I suppose I could use this block for that. I guess I should look up how big a king sized pillow sham is.

Tonight is pizza night, and for the rest of today, I'm just planning on trying to clean up the clutter and get the dishes and the regular work taken care of. Then I'm going to watch a movie and knit. I might break out the new yarn and see how it looks, then I'll know for sure if I want to keep it.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shampoo Samples

I'm up early again today. It seems like the weekend goes by so fast, and we never finish all the stuff we want to do and fit in all the weekend relaxing we need too. But I guess since it's only nine right now, I can be glad we've got all day to try to fit some fun in.

Ben's toe still hurts a lot, so we won't be going where it's crowded, but we might go to the cheap thearter because it's always dead in there and no one will step on him. Other things I'm doing today include knitting and going grocery shopping. I volunteered to do the shopping on my own this morning so he doesn't have to go walking around the grocery store.

So, I should get going, but first I have to find some hotel shampoo laying around because I'm out of shampoo and I have to wash my hair. I don't want to have to use shower gel, I think that doesn't count as shampoo and will ruin my hair.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

I figured it out

This is like, if you're happy, but you know, not thrilled.
I know, I posted this picture. But I was playing around with Picnik. It's kinda fun.

So, so far this morning I've showered and gotten dressed and cleaned the pool filters and raked it and backwashed it. By seven on a Saturday. I need help. Actually, it's not craziness, it's just that it had to get done because the pool service guy is coming this afternoon to tell us what's wrong with the pump. And I don't want him to tell me that lack of maintenance is wrong with the pump. Anyway, I did it early so it wouldn't be too hot, and I was still dripping sweat by the time I was done. But it's done now, and I might very well go back to sleep.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Pierced Through the Finger

The Aftermath.

Today I'm driving Ben to the dr. so he can get his ingrown toenail cut. That's my big plans. That's kinda pathetic. :)

Well, that, and it's pizza night. And pizza night is always just exciting in its self. I love pizza night. So, I'm going to make the sauce in a bit so it can sit till dinner and meld. And the hamburger is all browned and ready to go already. I think I like pizza night so much partly because it's so easy to do, Ben always does the crust for me, and all I have to do is put my toppings on.

I've been making dish cloths. Someone (I blame Ben because the cats don't have thumbs) keeps putting holes in my nice knitted dishcloths with the sharp knives. So I'm working on some new ones so I can get rid of the ones that are more hole than fabric. Anyway, I've done two and I finished what was left of my stash of sugar n cream cotton, so I'm going to get some new colors today when I go pick up Ben's prescription at Wal-Mart. In the meantime, I think I'll watch Last of the Mohicans (I can't believe I haven't ever seen that) and maybe work on an afghan square. I haven't gotten past the heel for Ben's sock yet, but that takes too much paying attention. And I haven't started doing the math for the calf of my purple sock yet either. I might just try increasing evenly till it's calf size and see it that doesn't make it fit. I think it won't work because legs don't increase evenly, but I guess it's worth a try.

This morning I worked on a couple new dish towel aprons. I have a couple different new ones now, I'll have to post pictures later.

My dress still doesn't have a zipper or a hem, but that's because I still don't have a slip, so I'm not feeling much urgency to finish it. I should just finish, and then it'll be ready to wear when I get a slip. Or make one, I haven't decided yet if I just want to make one. Plus I want to have it all the way finished before I cut something new, and I have new patterns that I want to try out. Maybe I'll work on dress later if Ben needs to take a nap. I figure they might give him painkillers and that'll make him sleepy.

I should get back to work, I have to get the sheets back on the bed (Friday is also sheet washing day, but pizza night is so much more the exciting friday event), get the living room clean, and clean off the week's accumulated stuff from the table. And maybe vaccum, which is also supposed to be a Friday thing, but I don't know if I want to bother with that this week.

I didn't take my ambien last night to see how I'd sleep without it. I slept okay, and I do feel a little more alert today than usual, so I think I might try not taking it all weekend. I don't want to have to take a sleeping pill, even half a one, just to be able to sleep all night.

I think neither one of us has been sleeping very well, because we're both pretty worried about having to replace our roof. The wind blew a bunch of shingles and tar paper all together off the patio part of the roof, and we know we'll have to get that fixed, and the entire roof needs to be replaced soon too, and we're worried about saving enough money for it in time. I guess we should have gotten a new roof instead of paying off the car with Ben's bonus, but that didn't even really occur to us.

Not to mention the pool. It's greeen. It's not lack of upkeep. There's something wrong with the pump. It's not sucking right. We've got a guy coming out to look at it tomorrow, but who knows how much a new pump and sand filter will cost. Really it's no wonder I haven't been sleeping well. But after tomorrow, I'll probably feel so much better about it, because at least something will have been done about it, and I won't be trying to just ignore it anymore.

Oh, I forgot to talk about the whole title of the post. The other day, while I was doing my tutorial, I totally got my finger under the needle and it went all the way through. Luckily, I missed the nail, but it hurt. I'm not ashamed to admit, I might have teared up a little. I'm a wuss. Anyway, if you look, you can see that a little way down the tutorial, I start having a cute Hello Kitty band-aid on my finger. That actually helped, getting to use the Hello Kitty band-aids. It's fine now, I think it's healing well, and it doesn't hurt anymore.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ribs, Sweet Ribs

This is a cross between Alton Brown's method, and my friend Erica's method.

The beginning, at eight this morning.

Aye, there's the rub.

After an hour in the fridge, ready for the oven.

After three hours at 250 degrees.

All cut up and soaking in sweet baby ray's to sit in the fridge till it's time for dinner.

Why is this "non" ultra? Does this mean my dishes are not getting ultra clean?

I finished my tutorial. Now everyone can go read my method for making dishtowels into an apron. Go now and read it! :D

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Sympathy for the Beppy

Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm really sleepy all of the time and it's driving me crazy.

But I do have today off. I don't want to waste my day off by napping or just sitting around, but I don't think I'm going to do any heavy cleaning or anything either. I'm going to get my ribs into the oven to start their slow-roasting thing in a little bit. Then I think I'll work on Ben's black sock, I'm at heel turning time. I'm actually kind of bored with the projects I've got going right now, but I'm resisting the siren call of a new project. At least I'm trying to. Maybe I'll just make an afghan square or two, or maybe when I start the heel turn it'll keep my interest since it's different.

I'm very glad I don't have to work today, but seriously, I'm starting to dread the days that I do work. I'm irritated that my bosses won't let me just do two days a week. I suppose it's not all that long until I can go back to two days, but I'm starting to get very tired, and I don't know why, and the extra day of work is taking a lot out of me. It's weird, but I think the heat has a lot to do with it. It's this time of year that I sometimes wish I had a car, because at 113 degrees, bike riding has very little appeal. Who am I kidding, at 113 degrees moving has very little appeal.

One thing I definately want to do today is work on my new tutorial. It's been a long time since I've put one together, and I think this is going to be a fun one. Quick too, so maybe I can post it tonight.

So, this is not a whining blog, and now it's time for something cheerful... um...

Look how pretty I look!

I should walk around being in black and white all the time. It's very flattering on me.
Okay, so I should go. But hey, maybe rib pictures later. And a tutorial. And a new heel on Ben's sock. I'm feeling much better now.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jesus Take the Wheel

Okay, so earlier, I read this article about the Vatican releasing guidelines for drivers. I thought, well that's nice, it's about time someone with authority said something about the crazy way people drive. That's a good thing about the Church, they always have good advice about how to do deal with things in our everyday lives in a Christ-like way. Not that that's all they do, but they usually provide you with good information and food for thought when making basic decisions. Anyway, I thought it was kind of cool, but then I read the "What Do You Think?" message boards, and I couldn't believe the anti-Catholic, uninformed opinions that were posted. People seriously have such a biased dislike of the chuch and just about anything the Vatican does or any statements released. It actually made me pretty sad, and I just quit reading the opinions. But anyway, follow those guidelines, it'll make the world a better place at least!

In other BeppyNews, there's actually nothing much going on. Ben has in ingrown toenail and will have to get it cut on Friday, but it's infected, so he's got to take Keflex in the meantime. I've been working and such. Tomorrow I'm going to make ribs. My friend Fran brought me some chicken teryaki salad today that was so good. I've been painfully sleepy. I wish I knew why. We're probably going to that lecture series at church tonight, if Ben doesn't have to work late. We've been working on eating the Curves way again. At least during the day, with normal dinners. I made chicken and bean fajitas last night, they were so yummy. I'm going to have to right down that recipe someday. It's a good one, I made it up myself. I haven't finished any projects, but I haven't really started any new ones either, so that's goood.

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Almost finished

All that's left is putting in the zipper and doing the hem. I think I picked a size too small though, because it's a little tight. Not bad looking tight, but not exactly comfortable tight. But it turned out cute enough that it's worth losing some weight to get to wear. Actually, I think I've gained weight since the wedding, so if I were to lose what I've gained I think it'll be cute.
Simplicity patterns are on sale at Jo-Ann's this weekend, so I'm going to get a few more of the a, b, c, d cup patterns to work on them soon. There's a cute shirt dress that I want to try. And some nice blouses.
Anyway, I had a good couple of days off. Yesterday, I got a scrapbook kit at Wal-Mart, and I totally got distracted by it. I put it all together completely, so now I have a album of the convalidation pictures. It took all afternoon, but it turned out really cute. Definately my kind of scrapbooking project, because it was already all designed and I just had to glue it together and add the pictures.
Ben's been gone to St. Louis, but he's going to be back home in about an hour or so, so I'm glad about that. He's been travelling a lot, so yuck. But he doesn't have to go anywhere next week.
I've been sewing all afternoon, so I'm feeling pretty spacey right now. That's why this post is so sleepy.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Faith and works

So, Ben was gone most of last week. He had to go to Puerto Rico for a meeting. He brought back lots of pictures of the rain forest and some of the good European Nestle chocolate. At least he says the European kind is better. But I guess he'd know, he works for them.

I'm reading the Left Behind series. It's a pretty interesting story, but I can't say I appreciate the digs at us Catholics.

I've got tomorrow and Thursday off work, and I'm really looking forward to finishing my dress. I've to to sew in seven more godets to finish the skirt and then sew it to the bodice and do the hemming to finish. Hopefully, I'll have pictures later this week.

Tonight we're going to this lecture series at church called Theology on Tap. I'm not sure why it's called that actually, except that it's meant for people in their 20's and 30's and they want to make them think of beer to get them to go to church. Anyway, it should be interesting. I don't remember what tonight's topic is, but it's the first of a six week series. I think we'll probably go to most of them.

Knitting progress: I turned the heel on my sock, but it's stalled now because I have to figure out the increasing for the calf and I don't want to. I did a couple more inches of ribbing on Ben's black sock, only about an inch left to go before the heel. And I did celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day on Saturday. I knit on Ben's sock in the mall while he was shopping for new video games.

Anyway, that's all the big news that I've got for today. But maybe I'll post some progress pictures tomorrow, now that I have the camera back.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

I guess that makes sense.

You scored as Roman Catholic, You are Roman Catholic. Church tradition and ecclesial authority are hugely important, and the most important part of worship for you is mass. As the Mother of God, Mary is important in your theology, and as the communion of saints includes the living and the dead, you can also ask the saints to intercede for you.

Roman Catholic


Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan


Neo orthodox




Classical Liberal




Modern Liberal


Reformed Evangelical




What's your theological worldview?
created with

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You have new Picture Mail!

I got the top part done.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More Than A Feeling Scrubs Style

That just makes you feel good, doesn't it?

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Friday, June 01, 2007

I would think of thoughts I never thunk before

So, it's been a while since I posted. I seem to be spending so much time thinking lately that there's no time to blog all the thoughts. That, and also the fact that this is the first day off I've had all week combine to make a boring blog.

Okay, first of all I promised a scathing review. My parents and I went to Jerome while they were here, mainly so ma and I could go to the yarn store, Knit 1, Bead 2. We'd seen it advertised before in the classifieds in Interweave and Vogue Knitting, so we thought it would be fun to visit a new yarn store we hadn't been to before. Well, the person working in the store, who I assume to be the owner, was so rude! She was one of those condescending, artsy types. (not to be confused with nice artsy types who are, unfortunately, much rarer) Well, I guess it was her own sense of importance that made her come across like she did. So, she called us flatlanders in a pitying tone, and never asked us if we'd like help finding something, or if we were looking for something in particular. But really, the most insulting part was when my mom was asking about a certain sweater that was on display that she probably would have bought yarn to make, and she asked about the color variations. Well, the woman explained that she'd washed it at different stages of the knitting to show the fading that results in the indigo dye. Fine and good, but then she proceeded to end this with, "Well, I'm not from the midwest, so I don't think things have to match." Too bad I'm so provincial and out of it, or I would have thought to ask her where she is from. Anyway, if she enjoys insulting customers, it's her business. (I hope. It would be a shame if she were rude like that to someone else's customers.)

So I've been thinking a lot lately about being a producer instead of a consumer. I have no organized comments about this right now, but soon, maybe I'll construct an entire post about it.

What we've been up too? Well, last weekend we canned 12 pints of brandied cherries. That was lots of fun. And other than seeing Pirates of the Carribean (1/2 an hour too long), that was pretty much all we did all weekend. I worked every day the rest of the week, so today I've spent catching up on things, like vaccuming and mopping and washing the sheets and laundry. I did make barbecue spareribs in the slowcooker yesterday and they turned out really yummy. Maybe a tad greasy, I think beef might actually work better than pork in this case. And there's a ton of meat leftover for some pork fried rice this weekend. And today is pizza day! We got a pizza stone last weekend, so that'll be fun to try again. I didn't read the instructions the first time we used it, and I think the oven wasn't hot enough.

I made some hair scarves today. That's another thing I've been thinking about a lot, modesty in dress and biblical instructions for such. I've been reading lots of blogs and stuff about it, and I find it fascinating. But I don't know if I really believe it to be necessary. I mostly made the hair scarves because I do wear one in my hair alot when I at home cleaning, and the only one I have is a black one that's actually a dog bandana that has purina checkerboards on it. So I made a couple of lady-like white ones. It only took about half an hour, I just cut two half square triangles and finished the edges with the rolled hem on the serger. Easy as pie.

I baked some gingersnaps the other day before work. They turned out pretty well, but aren't chewy at all. I know, they are called gingersnaps, not gingerchews. I guess I should try molasses cookies if I want chewy. I would have, but there wasn't sour cream in the fridge. They were a little too "autumny" as well. But that's not the fault of the cookie, they'd be perfect in October. Guess I should do a berry pie if I want to stick with the season. I wonder if you can use sweet cherries in pie. I'd probably like it better than regular, because I hate sour pie.

I have been knitting in the last couple of weeks. Here's a picture to prove it. The purple sock is discontinued Baby Ull that I got at Fiber Factory, and then black is Sockotta, a cotton/wool blend for Ben. I'm using the toe up pattern from the latest Interweave Knits for the purple one so I can just make each sock an entire skein's worth in length. I was amazed by the cast on. Absolutely amazed.

(sorry no pics for now, my computer's being a pain)

So, maybe next week I'll manage to post some more, maybe even some pictures. That would be nice. But for now, I've got to go finish up the laundry and work on turning the heel on the purple socks.

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