Friday, June 22, 2007

Pierced Through the Finger

The Aftermath.

Today I'm driving Ben to the dr. so he can get his ingrown toenail cut. That's my big plans. That's kinda pathetic. :)

Well, that, and it's pizza night. And pizza night is always just exciting in its self. I love pizza night. So, I'm going to make the sauce in a bit so it can sit till dinner and meld. And the hamburger is all browned and ready to go already. I think I like pizza night so much partly because it's so easy to do, Ben always does the crust for me, and all I have to do is put my toppings on.

I've been making dish cloths. Someone (I blame Ben because the cats don't have thumbs) keeps putting holes in my nice knitted dishcloths with the sharp knives. So I'm working on some new ones so I can get rid of the ones that are more hole than fabric. Anyway, I've done two and I finished what was left of my stash of sugar n cream cotton, so I'm going to get some new colors today when I go pick up Ben's prescription at Wal-Mart. In the meantime, I think I'll watch Last of the Mohicans (I can't believe I haven't ever seen that) and maybe work on an afghan square. I haven't gotten past the heel for Ben's sock yet, but that takes too much paying attention. And I haven't started doing the math for the calf of my purple sock yet either. I might just try increasing evenly till it's calf size and see it that doesn't make it fit. I think it won't work because legs don't increase evenly, but I guess it's worth a try.

This morning I worked on a couple new dish towel aprons. I have a couple different new ones now, I'll have to post pictures later.

My dress still doesn't have a zipper or a hem, but that's because I still don't have a slip, so I'm not feeling much urgency to finish it. I should just finish, and then it'll be ready to wear when I get a slip. Or make one, I haven't decided yet if I just want to make one. Plus I want to have it all the way finished before I cut something new, and I have new patterns that I want to try out. Maybe I'll work on dress later if Ben needs to take a nap. I figure they might give him painkillers and that'll make him sleepy.

I should get back to work, I have to get the sheets back on the bed (Friday is also sheet washing day, but pizza night is so much more the exciting friday event), get the living room clean, and clean off the week's accumulated stuff from the table. And maybe vaccum, which is also supposed to be a Friday thing, but I don't know if I want to bother with that this week.

I didn't take my ambien last night to see how I'd sleep without it. I slept okay, and I do feel a little more alert today than usual, so I think I might try not taking it all weekend. I don't want to have to take a sleeping pill, even half a one, just to be able to sleep all night.

I think neither one of us has been sleeping very well, because we're both pretty worried about having to replace our roof. The wind blew a bunch of shingles and tar paper all together off the patio part of the roof, and we know we'll have to get that fixed, and the entire roof needs to be replaced soon too, and we're worried about saving enough money for it in time. I guess we should have gotten a new roof instead of paying off the car with Ben's bonus, but that didn't even really occur to us.

Not to mention the pool. It's greeen. It's not lack of upkeep. There's something wrong with the pump. It's not sucking right. We've got a guy coming out to look at it tomorrow, but who knows how much a new pump and sand filter will cost. Really it's no wonder I haven't been sleeping well. But after tomorrow, I'll probably feel so much better about it, because at least something will have been done about it, and I won't be trying to just ignore it anymore.

Oh, I forgot to talk about the whole title of the post. The other day, while I was doing my tutorial, I totally got my finger under the needle and it went all the way through. Luckily, I missed the nail, but it hurt. I'm not ashamed to admit, I might have teared up a little. I'm a wuss. Anyway, if you look, you can see that a little way down the tutorial, I start having a cute Hello Kitty band-aid on my finger. That actually helped, getting to use the Hello Kitty band-aids. It's fine now, I think it's healing well, and it doesn't hurt anymore.

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