Sunday, June 24, 2007

Shampoo Samples

I'm up early again today. It seems like the weekend goes by so fast, and we never finish all the stuff we want to do and fit in all the weekend relaxing we need too. But I guess since it's only nine right now, I can be glad we've got all day to try to fit some fun in.

Ben's toe still hurts a lot, so we won't be going where it's crowded, but we might go to the cheap thearter because it's always dead in there and no one will step on him. Other things I'm doing today include knitting and going grocery shopping. I volunteered to do the shopping on my own this morning so he doesn't have to go walking around the grocery store.

So, I should get going, but first I have to find some hotel shampoo laying around because I'm out of shampoo and I have to wash my hair. I don't want to have to use shower gel, I think that doesn't count as shampoo and will ruin my hair.

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