Friday, June 29, 2007

Sometimes mono comes back... again.

So, I had a talk with my boss yesterday about going back to two days of work a week. Emily doesn't come back to town till a couple weeks into August, and I've just been feeling so gross, I had to find out if it were possible to be on for just two days before then. She was really cool and worked it out with the other daytime person. I hope there's not a lot of hard feelings about her having to take those days, but I've just been soooooo tired, I had to do it.

I explained to her that I had mono those months back and didn't know it at the time, and I've been tired and sick on and off since then. From what I understand, you get a virus like that, and it doesn't go away, and every once in a while, the symptoms will come back for a few days. And hopefully, the reoccurances become farther between as time goes on. Anyway, the dr's only suggestions were to rest more, because there's not much more you can do to get better. So, I'll get to rest more in a little while, and I'm pretty glad about that.

It's not even the extra rest that I'm so relieved about, it's more that that's one less day that I'm spending absolutely all of my energy on work, leaving not much left for housework and Ben. I told her, when I'm at work, I give it my all, because no one wants to come in to work out and see a sick tired person. You have to be energenic and cheerfull for my job, so then, when I go home, I pretty much turn into a lethargic puddle. Poor Ben must be sick of being married to a puddle. But now with an extra day at home, I'll be able to keep things done here so much better, and it'll give me extra down time, so I can be more up on the weekends or whenever. I'm feeling very grateful that it worked out.

I haven't really been up to much this week. I got hooked on potholders and dishcloths last weekend, so I've just been tearing through skeins of Sugar'n'Cream. Everyone I know gets a potholder, whether they want one or not.

I did buy some pretty pretty yarn yesterday at michaels. It wasn't what I went in for at all, but I could not resist it. It's called SWS by Patons. It's wool and soy and makes stripes, and it's all soft pinks and browns. I bought five skeins so I could make a scarf for myself with it. I'm having buyer's remorse now, so if I don't absolutely love how it knits up, I might end up returning four of the skeins.

I've been making plans this morning for the Stitch n Pitch in Detroit on Sept. 9. I'm totally excited about it, it's always so much fun to go to the Tigers' games with my family. Plus knitting!

I saw a quilt block on the Fons and Porter quilting show, and I was just so fascinated with how it went together, I'm tempted to try and make one today. But I'm not exactly sure what I'd do with it once I made it. I did buy some greens and purples at the quilt store when Julie and Joyce and Ma and I went in May. I was planning to do pillow shams to match our wedding quilt with them. I suppose I could use this block for that. I guess I should look up how big a king sized pillow sham is.

Tonight is pizza night, and for the rest of today, I'm just planning on trying to clean up the clutter and get the dishes and the regular work taken care of. Then I'm going to watch a movie and knit. I might break out the new yarn and see how it looks, then I'll know for sure if I want to keep it.

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