Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This Week

Well, I've spent the greater part of my week so far working on a surprise for my parents. I would post pictures, but I wouldn't want to give anything away. Not that the chances of ma and dad actually seeing my blog are at all high. I don't really know if they understand what my blog is. But anyway, I won't be the one to ruin the surprise. ;)

I also did a lot of yard work this week. Chopped down lots of weeds, pulled lots of weeds and sprayed lots of weed poison. I hate weeds. But the yard looks slightly better, and I think I got enough poison on the ground to keep the evil vine-y grass from growing into the pool motor for a little while.

Ben's been kinda stressed about work lately. I worry about him getting too stressed out about things. I think part of it might be that he's supposed to be on a blood pressure medicine, but he ran out of the samples the dr had given him, so he just quit taking it. Grr. That man. But I've outsmarted them all. I called and got them to call in the prescription without having to see him first, since she just saw him when she fixed his toenail. I'll have to get him in to see them in a month or so, but for now, he can be back on it, and I think it'll help him feel much better.

I've been knitting dishcloths a lot too. They're pretty much just plain knitting, so I can read while I do them. I finished Paula Dean's book. But now, I don't have any books around that will stay open on their own. That's okay though, because all the yard work really wore out the muscles in my hands and forearms, and I don't know if I can hold the needles right now anyway. So I might just read the paperback romance my MIL gave me. She said she thought I'd like it because of the cover. She was right. This makes me feel like my questionable taste is pretty obvious.

I work the rest of this week. Next week, Emily is back to work and the schedule changes again. I'm so glad Emily is back. I missed her! And everyone is going to be so much happier now that the schedule will be back to normal, and Em will be taking the extra shifts back.

We've been watching the series, Rome. It's really good. I ended up re-ordering the netflix so they'd all come in a row. We don't usually do that with series, because they can get boring all in a row. But this show is so good we kept wanting to watch the next disc instead of the movies we had. I do have to make a warning that even though it's an interesting show, there's lots of nudity and sex. Like, close-up male nudity. I was shocked and slightly embarrassed.

Yes, I did give in and go back to Netflix. They got me with that whole "watch movies on the computer" thing. But I still might switch to Blockbuster. It seems like such a good deal to be able to just change them at the store. Realistically, I should not have a movie service, as it promotes such a sedentary lifestyle. But I should also not be baking every week either, and I can't seem to stop either. They're both just so much fun!

I've been listening to Hatchet on my mp3 player. It's really good. I've got to wonder why I haven't ever read that book before. Probably because I had the very mistaken idea that it was about a dog. It's not. It's also making me want to re-read my side of the mountain. Again. I just love survival fiction. I'm so weird. I can't stand to be outside and sweat and get *shudder* bugs on me, but I love to read about wilderness survival. And I always think "it'd be cool to go camping" before I remember some core truths about myself.

Well, I should get on with the rest of my day. I have to run a short errand, and then I think I might read, or watch a movie, or something like that. I've had a pretty full week, so I think I'm going to give myself the afternoon completely off.

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