Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wee Small Hours

So my week of working every day is finished. I'm glad for it too. I told Ben yesterday, it's not like it's that hard to go to work, it's just that it takes time from all the more important things I have to do. Next week is back to normal, just mon and wed shifts.

Ben's back home. He was in New Jersey all last week. His flight on thur night was cancelled, so he ended up having to stay a night longer. Poor guy was super tired when he got home yesterday.

We bombed for cockroaches last week, which in my opinion almost makes the bug problem worse. I know that in reality it's better because they're dying, but now that they're dying, I'm seeing them a lot more. They come staggering out waggling their antenna and leering and twitching. It's so gross, it pretty much makes me gag. I'm extra glad Ben is back, because now I don't have to be responsible for killing/picking up/moving any of the disgusting things.

I woke up at about three this morning, covered in sweat and with a massively sore throat. I'm already having a separate medical issue that's of a kind of personal nature (a delicate topic, so to speak), so I have a dr's appt on Monday. So I suppose if I'm still sick with this throat thing then, I'll have it checked out too. I doubt they're related. It was thurs when I noticed the other thing, after having found three twitching roaches already that morning, so that really was not a very good day, what with Ben's flight being cancelled too.

The mitten in the pictures is still exactly as far along as the latest picture shows. I'm deciding whether I'm making a pair of regular mittens or fingerless gloves with flip top mitten tops. And if they're fingerless gloves, are they totally fingerless, or do they have half fingers. Definatly let me know your vote in the comments, I'm having an impossible time deciding. So much so that I'm planning to put that one on a holder and start the next one so I have something to work on until the votes come in.

Notice I've been using one of those tiny plastic circulars from clover. It's the first time I've tried one, and I can't really say if I like it or not. It's tiny, so my hands don't love it, but I think it is faster then the dpn's, since I can just go around and around and not have to switch hands or anything.

I've been wondering about making two socks at the same time using the magic loop method. I don't like the idea of making two socks inside each other with double knitting, just because all that stitch slipping and stuff doesn't really appeal to me. (Also, I'm pretty sure that doing that turns you into a smug, self-satisfied gloater, proven by this article.) But from what I understand about the magic loop, it's more like there's two socks there on the needle and then you're knitting them first one round on one, and then one round on the next from two different balls. I can see why that could be appealing. Though when I see the manuverings involved in using one long circular needle to knit a small tube, I wonder if it's really worth it.

The house is being showed today and tomorrow. We might go to the movies today in order to be gone, and then tomorrow Ben has to go to Scottsdale to pick some things up, so we'll head up there. I might try to go back to sleep for a little while now, since we have to do lots of little things in the morning to make sure the house is perfect for the people so see it before we go.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You have new Picture Mail!

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Good, good day.

I've been making the most of my day off today. I started making myself a hat, as you can see in the cell phone pictures below. I think that I started the stripes too high, and I probably won't like it when I'm done, but I do know that I love the colors together. I'm just too stubborn to rip it out now, I'll wait till it's done and see if I like it once it's all finished. I got so much done so far, it's nice to be knitting some thing simple on the round needle, since I can just knit and knit and not have to look at it much. So I've been watching tv all day too, while I knit.

I watched that new show, Journeyman, that started last night. I said no new shows this season because they always get cancelled just as I get attached. But I think Kevin McKidd is yummy hot, so I'm watching anyway. I guess even if it gets cancelled, at least I enjoyed him. It was pretty good, but I really didn't like the wife character at all. Otherwise, it looked okay. But I'd like a time travel show better if he went to like, medival times. Or even Medieval Times.

I've been watching that show on soapnet that's a competition about who will get a part on Days. It's actually pretty good. And I think it's hilarious that lots of the contestants are better at the scenes than most of the people who are actually on Days.

Right now I'm watching the Dancing with the Stars that was on last night. I'm such a dork, I love that show. It kinda makes me want to dance. Or at least work out I guess. Next is Heroes. I'm saving that one for last because it'll be my favorite I think. I just have to remember how last season ended. I hope that Peter is alive somehow. I remember the last scene was some samuri coming at Hiro.

Just so no one thinks that I'm COMPLETELY lazy, I did do a little more than just sit on my butt and knit. I used the carpet cleaner on the hall carpets. It looks really good, but I don't know if that's because it's actually cleaner, or it that's just because it's got those marks in it now. The cleaner track marks just seem to brighten up a room.

I just saw a commercial that I'm pretty sure was precisely geared toward me. Disneyland is having a special Halloween event month. Those are like, two of my favorite things EVER.

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You have new Picture Mail!

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You have new Picture Mail!

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Monday, September 24, 2007

I was right, it sucked hard.

Well, I pretty much don't even want to go into it concerning the shear difficulty of the last week. Mostly physical, but some emotional stress as well. But the house is just about ready to show. I was going to make a list of all the stuff that I got done in the last week, but it doesn't really seem worth it, there was so much. So I'll list what still has to get done. This morning before I go to work, I have to vaccum and steam clean the 2nd half of the living room, and the hall ways. That'll be the end of all the carpets. I have some more laundry to do, and all the windows to clean, and the floors to mop. I should wipe down all the blinds, and I'm sure there's other stuff too, that I'm just not remembering right now. I'm almost glad that I have to work every day this week. At least at work, I can sit down while I do stuff. I'm so planning to do nothing next week. Well, I suppose I'm planning to do the bare minimum to maintain the bright shiny cleanness I've got going on now, and then I'll do nothing. I almost don't have anything else to blog about right now, other than how hard it is to make a house the way it should be to sell it. Well, there is knitting news...

But it isn't good knitting news. The redo sock is finished. And the heel isn't deep enough, so the redo will have to be redone. Leaving this pair of socks at two knit, none finished. I'm going to hide it in the yarn bin for now and maybe go onto a hat for myself from that yarn I got in St. Louis. It'll be nice to have a project that I can give lots of attention too and relax after hell week. Lol, that's what I'm going to call last week, hell week!
I should try to find something fun and happy to talk about, but I don't know if I will be able to until the house is all finished. And then I'll be stressed about it selling, and then I'll be stressed about buying a house, and then I'll be stressed about driving with the cats, and then I'll be stressed about unpacking! Ugh, this is one of those not so great seasons of life.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Packing Sucks

I don't even have to do much of the actual packing, but it still seems like there's a million and a half things to do, and I don't have much time to do them. We're trying to get the house listed on Friday night, so we need to finish all the deep cleaning, and painting, and repairs by then. The packing people are coming today to pack up all the things on the shelves, in the cupboards, etc. Pretty much everything but the furniture, and the things we're sorting out to not be packed yet (there seems to be a lot of that to do too). Then we'll be moving all those boxes to the garage and some of the furniture too. After that, we'll be painting a couple walls, a bathroom, the front and back doors, and touching up all the door jambs, the cabinets, etc. I'll also be scrubbing all the vents, steam cleaning all the carpets and floors, washing every window, and "staging". I've just got to say, I hope the house sells so quickly after all this.

On a not so grumpy note, we had a nice weekend in St. Louis. We went to the zoo and had a picnic in Forest Park, and saw the Cahokia Mounds and had another picnic, and went to Our Lady of the Snows National Shrine. I have pictures that I might post later. I totally fell in love with Forest Park. I'm going to be living there.

Actually, I'll probably be living in the Columbia or Waterloo IL area. We went driving around and looking at areas, and we both really like those towns. It's not too long a drive from downtown at all, but very rural and farm-y. I think I'm finally going to get the tiny farm I've been dreaming about for years. I never really thought it would happen, but I'm thrilled that it looks like it actually is. I've got all sorts of plans for my two acres, but I'll save all that for another post.

The redo on Ben's sock is coming along. I'm almost to the toe shaping again, and this time, I'm definately going to measure his foot again to make sure it'll work. And maybe I'll be smart enough to write down his foot measurements.

I downloaded all the knitpicks podcasts. I'm really enjoying them. It's pretty neat to get to listen to someone chat about knitting and stuff.

We went to a yarn store in St. Louis called Hearthstone Knits. And naturally, I had to celebrate by buying three skeins of Cascade wool in a so so pretty green heather. For a hat and mittens for myself. And socks to match. How cute will that be?

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pictures from the Car

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Weight Limits

It turns out that the girl I talked to on the phone yesterday was about a hundred pounds off when she told me the weight limit, so I could have gone and drove a mini car. But I had a nice night, so no biggie. Ben said it made him feel sick anyway. But he's terrible at going in circles.

I'm just waiting for the realtor to get here so we can go out and look at houses. We're going to Eureka to see some there. It'll be nice to go outside. And I might make her stop at a drug store, because I need a razor, a hairbrush, maxipads and a sweatshirt. Is it wrong to make the realtor shop with you? Well, even if I don't, Ben and I are getting a car this afternoon, so I can get all that stuff tonight too.

I'm totally excited to be moving here! There is so much to do, lots of historical stuff and nature stuff, and pretty churches and shrines. It's so great that I'm ending up somewhere that's got so much stuff I like. I can't wait to explore it all! There's even a minatures museum. It's like MO knew about my unhealthy preoccupation with dollhouses. I'm so grateful that God is putting me in this place.

Below I've posted some pictures from the party and such. The kitten is Dad's new mouser, and he doesn't like me to pet it because he doesn't want it to go soft. But how could I resist, just look at it!

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Pictures from MI

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a Twofer

So, I didn't go race the silly electric go karts. Turns out, and this is highly humiliating to admit, there's a weight limit on them that I exceed. So, I just stayed here at the hotel. I've actually had quite a pleasant evening. I decided to take Ben's sock completely apart and make the whole thing slightly larger. I went downstairs and had a huge salad and a couple of mozzarella sticks for dinner at the social hour. I had a nice cup of hot chocolate (it's sooo nice to be somewhere where it's cool enough for hot chocolate to be appealing). And I'm watching The Ghost and the Darkness on Netflix. Though the wireless went out and the ethernet cable is much slower, so it's taking a while to load. That's why the second post for the day.

I do have to make mention in my blog that I'm a little depressed about exceeding the weight limit on the cars. Ben does too, but he decided to try it, but I was too afraid to embarrass myself, like if the car didn't move. Anyway, it's time to work a little harder at keeping the weight down.

When we were in Chicago for out honeymoon, we went to The Field Museum. They have the Ghost and the Darkness there. The actual lions stuffed and in a case. They pretty much terrified me. Not just in the usual, I'm terrified of animals in cases kind of way, but in a really deep and primal way. Then again, that's pretty much the way I'm scared of animals in cases and on the walls, in a deep and primal way. But this was more so. Even though, it was a little thrilling too. Like, they were as tall as I am, and you could look right in their faces. They were so powerful, even, like, a hundred years old and dead.

There's a very nice man who works downstairs during the social hour. He's cheerful and friendly. It was pretty relaxing to just have my dinner and watch all the people. I guessed at the answer to the news trivia with some Chinese guys. We were right the coldest temperature on record in the US is -80 degrees. It was in Alaska.

So now that I started Ben's sock over again, I'm not almost done, I'm only two and half inches on the cuff. I've got to admit, it's a little depressing how going from finished to not even started only took about five minutes. But they'll be done right this time, which is, I suppose, the exact reason knitters take things out.

Quick book review: I recently ordered a cookbook called Make a Mix Meals. It's a really neat idea for a cookbook. Pretty much there are recipes for like, different ways to cook up 5 lbs of ground meat, and separate it into freezer containers. Then there are lots of different ways to use the packages of frozen stuff. Of course, there's dry mixes and bean mixes. All sorts of things. I'm really liking it, and I'm looking forward to using it to organize some monthly menus. And pretty much all the recipes, I keep thinking, Adam would like this. So maybe if I try it out and it works well, I'll help Adam get some freezer mixes made. You know you want to Adam.

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Meet Me In St. Louis, Meet Me At The Fair

I'm here in St. Louis now. We got here on Monday, and I haven't left the hotel yet, so I can't really say yet if I like it or not. The hotel is downtown, but there's nothing by it at all, just, like, warehouses and stuff, so I can't really just go walking around. Ben's been in his meetings and working, and I've been doing laundry and researching things for our move.

Tonight we're going to this thing where you race little electric cars. So not my thing. I've actually not decided yet if I'll even go. I know that's a little unsocial of me, but seriously, I want to go with a bunch of strangers and put on a helmet and a jump suit and drive in a tiny little open car thing at 45 mph? No, not so much. But maybe I can go along and not race. It just seems little big boys and their toys to me. Not that that's bad, but I'd rather leave their toys for them.

Tomorrow, I'm going out with the realtor to see some houses. I mostly just need to get a chance to see the area and know what something other than the hotel looks like. And then, tomorrow night, Ben and I are going to go out and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we're going to drive around and look at some of the surrounding cities. And maybe get to do some fun tourist-y things.

The weather seems nice, but I haven't been outside since Monday morning, so it's hard to tell. I might have to just go out for a walk in the parking lot today or something. I need to get some exercise, and it would be nice to get outside. But I will be out all day tomorrow, so I'm not complaining.

I'm making Ben a pair of nice thick wool socks to celebrate that we'll be moving somewhere that it snows and he can wear them. They're pretty brown tweed. I got the yarn in June at the closing sale that Lily Lane Knits was having. It's so sad they closed, Midland needed a yarn store.

So, the surprise party for Ma and Dad went really well. They were pretty surprised, and everyone had fun. Stitch n Pitch was fun too. I got a crap load of yarn. The Tigers lost though, so that was sad. I thought I had Ben's sock all finished, and I even wove in all the ends, but when he tried it on, it was too short, so I have to take out the toe and go back and make it longer. I think that that's what I'll do today. And take a bath and curl my hair and read the pattern books I got at Stitch n Pitch. And then maybe I'll go drive a silly electric car.

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Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Computer!

I am posting from my very awesome new HP laptop! It's all shiny and new and has a huge screen. I've been wanting to get a laptop for some time, but since we've got the move coming up, and we'll be living in the empty house with most everything, including the tv, packed up, we figured it was time to get one so we'd have a way to watch movies and use the internet while we're waiting for the house to sell. I had most of the money saved, so Ben said we could use the household money for the last couple hundred I needed. It was on sale at BestBuy, so I think we got a pretty good deal. Though I might have to upgrade the ram.

I've been spending the last couple of weeks sorting through everything we own. I think I should just pretend that I'm moving every year or so and then I would organize and purge so well. We are getting a moving package, so there will be people coming to pack everything and move us. But I figured that it would be better to be pretty organized beforehand, so things will be easier to unpack at the other end. We'll be heading to St. Louis to check out the real estate and such in a week or so. I'm so excited to be moving!

Maybe I'll post again tomorrow, I want to see how the pictures will look on the new screen. But I'm off to watch a movie now. Though once the battery is charged, I'll be able to both at once! Eee!

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