Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's a Twofer

So, I didn't go race the silly electric go karts. Turns out, and this is highly humiliating to admit, there's a weight limit on them that I exceed. So, I just stayed here at the hotel. I've actually had quite a pleasant evening. I decided to take Ben's sock completely apart and make the whole thing slightly larger. I went downstairs and had a huge salad and a couple of mozzarella sticks for dinner at the social hour. I had a nice cup of hot chocolate (it's sooo nice to be somewhere where it's cool enough for hot chocolate to be appealing). And I'm watching The Ghost and the Darkness on Netflix. Though the wireless went out and the ethernet cable is much slower, so it's taking a while to load. That's why the second post for the day.

I do have to make mention in my blog that I'm a little depressed about exceeding the weight limit on the cars. Ben does too, but he decided to try it, but I was too afraid to embarrass myself, like if the car didn't move. Anyway, it's time to work a little harder at keeping the weight down.

When we were in Chicago for out honeymoon, we went to The Field Museum. They have the Ghost and the Darkness there. The actual lions stuffed and in a case. They pretty much terrified me. Not just in the usual, I'm terrified of animals in cases kind of way, but in a really deep and primal way. Then again, that's pretty much the way I'm scared of animals in cases and on the walls, in a deep and primal way. But this was more so. Even though, it was a little thrilling too. Like, they were as tall as I am, and you could look right in their faces. They were so powerful, even, like, a hundred years old and dead.

There's a very nice man who works downstairs during the social hour. He's cheerful and friendly. It was pretty relaxing to just have my dinner and watch all the people. I guessed at the answer to the news trivia with some Chinese guys. We were right the coldest temperature on record in the US is -80 degrees. It was in Alaska.

So now that I started Ben's sock over again, I'm not almost done, I'm only two and half inches on the cuff. I've got to admit, it's a little depressing how going from finished to not even started only took about five minutes. But they'll be done right this time, which is, I suppose, the exact reason knitters take things out.

Quick book review: I recently ordered a cookbook called Make a Mix Meals. It's a really neat idea for a cookbook. Pretty much there are recipes for like, different ways to cook up 5 lbs of ground meat, and separate it into freezer containers. Then there are lots of different ways to use the packages of frozen stuff. Of course, there's dry mixes and bean mixes. All sorts of things. I'm really liking it, and I'm looking forward to using it to organize some monthly menus. And pretty much all the recipes, I keep thinking, Adam would like this. So maybe if I try it out and it works well, I'll help Adam get some freezer mixes made. You know you want to Adam.

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Adam J. said...

freezer meals do sound interesting
very interesting

Bethany said...

I'll have to send you some of the recipes. You can be my tester, I don't think I'll be putting away months worth of food until after we move.

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