Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet Me In St. Louis, Meet Me At The Fair

I'm here in St. Louis now. We got here on Monday, and I haven't left the hotel yet, so I can't really say yet if I like it or not. The hotel is downtown, but there's nothing by it at all, just, like, warehouses and stuff, so I can't really just go walking around. Ben's been in his meetings and working, and I've been doing laundry and researching things for our move.

Tonight we're going to this thing where you race little electric cars. So not my thing. I've actually not decided yet if I'll even go. I know that's a little unsocial of me, but seriously, I want to go with a bunch of strangers and put on a helmet and a jump suit and drive in a tiny little open car thing at 45 mph? No, not so much. But maybe I can go along and not race. It just seems little big boys and their toys to me. Not that that's bad, but I'd rather leave their toys for them.

Tomorrow, I'm going out with the realtor to see some houses. I mostly just need to get a chance to see the area and know what something other than the hotel looks like. And then, tomorrow night, Ben and I are going to go out and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we're going to drive around and look at some of the surrounding cities. And maybe get to do some fun tourist-y things.

The weather seems nice, but I haven't been outside since Monday morning, so it's hard to tell. I might have to just go out for a walk in the parking lot today or something. I need to get some exercise, and it would be nice to get outside. But I will be out all day tomorrow, so I'm not complaining.

I'm making Ben a pair of nice thick wool socks to celebrate that we'll be moving somewhere that it snows and he can wear them. They're pretty brown tweed. I got the yarn in June at the closing sale that Lily Lane Knits was having. It's so sad they closed, Midland needed a yarn store.

So, the surprise party for Ma and Dad went really well. They were pretty surprised, and everyone had fun. Stitch n Pitch was fun too. I got a crap load of yarn. The Tigers lost though, so that was sad. I thought I had Ben's sock all finished, and I even wove in all the ends, but when he tried it on, it was too short, so I have to take out the toe and go back and make it longer. I think that that's what I'll do today. And take a bath and curl my hair and read the pattern books I got at Stitch n Pitch. And then maybe I'll go drive a silly electric car.

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