Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Computer!

I am posting from my very awesome new HP laptop! It's all shiny and new and has a huge screen. I've been wanting to get a laptop for some time, but since we've got the move coming up, and we'll be living in the empty house with most everything, including the tv, packed up, we figured it was time to get one so we'd have a way to watch movies and use the internet while we're waiting for the house to sell. I had most of the money saved, so Ben said we could use the household money for the last couple hundred I needed. It was on sale at BestBuy, so I think we got a pretty good deal. Though I might have to upgrade the ram.

I've been spending the last couple of weeks sorting through everything we own. I think I should just pretend that I'm moving every year or so and then I would organize and purge so well. We are getting a moving package, so there will be people coming to pack everything and move us. But I figured that it would be better to be pretty organized beforehand, so things will be easier to unpack at the other end. We'll be heading to St. Louis to check out the real estate and such in a week or so. I'm so excited to be moving!

Maybe I'll post again tomorrow, I want to see how the pictures will look on the new screen. But I'm off to watch a movie now. Though once the battery is charged, I'll be able to both at once! Eee!

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Alison said...

Yes, that really is the best thing about moving. I am such a pack rat, so each time we move I get to sort through everything and wonder why on earth I decided to keep such random things.

We had a moving company pack up and move everything for us when we moved out here. I, too, had organized everything because I didn't trust that 3 burly men would care how they packed things, just as long as they managed to squish everything into their truck. A few things ended up getting broken and lost, so I hope you have a better experience!

Bethany said...

We had a couple of things get a little beat up or scratched when we moved here, but it was nothing too bad. I hope everything goes smoothly this time. It's even more complicated this time around, because we've got to sell the house, but things seem to be going okay so far.

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