Thursday, September 13, 2007

Weight Limits

It turns out that the girl I talked to on the phone yesterday was about a hundred pounds off when she told me the weight limit, so I could have gone and drove a mini car. But I had a nice night, so no biggie. Ben said it made him feel sick anyway. But he's terrible at going in circles.

I'm just waiting for the realtor to get here so we can go out and look at houses. We're going to Eureka to see some there. It'll be nice to go outside. And I might make her stop at a drug store, because I need a razor, a hairbrush, maxipads and a sweatshirt. Is it wrong to make the realtor shop with you? Well, even if I don't, Ben and I are getting a car this afternoon, so I can get all that stuff tonight too.

I'm totally excited to be moving here! There is so much to do, lots of historical stuff and nature stuff, and pretty churches and shrines. It's so great that I'm ending up somewhere that's got so much stuff I like. I can't wait to explore it all! There's even a minatures museum. It's like MO knew about my unhealthy preoccupation with dollhouses. I'm so grateful that God is putting me in this place.

Below I've posted some pictures from the party and such. The kitten is Dad's new mouser, and he doesn't like me to pet it because he doesn't want it to go soft. But how could I resist, just look at it!

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Alison said...

I was looking up St. Louis info online. Yes, I have nothing better to do than research the future homes of my friends. Looks like a pretty cool place. Maybe once you get settled in, I know that will be in quite a while, but eventually I'd like to plan a visit out to see you.

Julie said...

LOL! Your dad's new mouser.... LOL!! Go soft.... LOL! I love your dad.

Bethany said...

Alicat, you are more than welcome to visit anytime. I'd be thrilled to see you. Of course, it'd probably be more comfortable for you if we wait till I actually have a house that you could stay in, but you'd even be welcome to share one room with me, Ben, and three cats at the Residence Inn extended stay. I just doubt you'd like it. What cool stuff did you learn about St. Louis? I could use some encouragement about why I'm doing this.

Jules, can't you tell that that kitten is a finely honed killing machine?

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