Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And I Don't Look Good in Leggings

Well, I haven't posted for a bit. Let's play catch up.

The house is sold. Of course, it can be unsold at anytime if something goes wrong, but for now, it's sold and we're closing Nov. 10. And now that it's actually happening, I'm a little sad about moving. I think I might be in sad goodbye mode about it till then and then I'll be happy. Or I might get pretty excited when we pick a house in Illinois and I have a specific place to think of as a new home. It's a bittersweet thing I guess, moving. But at least it's not all bitter like it was the last time. And I'm sure the sweet will outweigh the bitter pretty easily once I get the goodbyeing over with.

Ben was in Chicago all last week. I'm so glad he's not gone anywhere this week! I'm way more used to being alone, but I still don't like it much at all.

I'm so thrilled that it's October now! October starts out the best three month of the entire year! This year I'll be celbrating Halloween here in AZ, and Thanksgiving will be in our new home. Well, hopefully we'll be moved into a new house and it won't be in a hotel, but even in a hotel, it will be so nice. Thanksgiving has become very special to me since we've started to celebrate with just the two of us. It's a great four days just for us, and it really helps us to grow together. I don't even go shopping, so as not to let anything interfere with our relaxing time together. We just cook, and maybe work on a project. Two years ago we made the big picture for over the couch, and last year it was Christmas decorating. This year maybe we'll make something nice for our new house.

I'm already celebrating Halloween. I haven't decided yet if I'll do a costume, or what it will be if I do one, but I did get to draw all those fun pictures for the board at work, and I got out the Halloween box and put up a few little decorations here and there. And tomorrow, Emily is going to come over and I'm going to giver her a refresher on knitting (we went out last week, and then came back here and I started her out), and we'll maybe carve pumpkins and dinner will be spooky. I'll take pictures. I built us a pumpkin carving kit. Since all our stuff is packed up, we went out to the dollar store on Saturday to get some stuff for pumpkin carving, and I got a little toolbox there to put it all in. It seems like the ultimate is holiday celebrating to have a designated pumpkin carving tool kit.

I put half fingers on one glove last week, and started the fingers on the other. Then I'll do the mitten tops. I've put that aside for now, because I've been working on Ben's brown sock in KnitPicks Gloss. The yarn and the color are just screaming FALL at me, so I've been working on that for now. It's slow going because I'm using size zero needles, but they'll be so super duper nice when I'm done. I'm itching to pull out some more yarn from the bin and start something new, but if I give into that, I'll at least pull out something that's half done instead. Like the purple toe up socks that are for me. I have to figure out the math for how many increases I'll need to go around my calf, and then I have to figure out how to increase in the ribbing and keep the 2, 2 pattern. That should be a big enough challenge for now. But I think my biggest challenge is in actually finishing something and not always jumping ahead!

Today, we're meeting with the realtor to go over the requests for repairs, and then I have to run to target to return things and to the library to get my books back. I don't think I'll check anything out either, and that seems a little sad too. Anyway, I've spent an hour sitting and computering, so I'd better get go and get some work done. Maybe I'll do some pictures of projects and stuff later.

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Julie said...

nice new fall look.

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