Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Freaked Out

So, I got back from St. Louis yesterday morning. We saw some okay houses. It's more difficult than I thought to find a house with an acre or two that's cleared and not just woods and bluffs and sink holes. The one we liked the best was built in 99 and has an acre. It's pretty flat and open, nicely landscaped by the house, too. I think it'll work really well for us, but it is on the expensive side. Ben's going to be talking to lenders today and we're going to work out what sort of an offer we can put in on it. I'm actually feeling slightly overwhelmed with buying a house and doing these responsible grown up things. I'm sure I'll get used to it after it's done. Plus it's got lots of room for visitors, so you can all come and stay!

Below is the first post in my new series, Recipe Tuesday. :D Yeah, it's just a whim I had. Lots of the blogs I read do Works for Me Wednesday and Show and Tell Friday. Just thought I'd try a theme day.

Last night Emily took me out to Pita Jungle, and I had the hommus with chopped grilled chicken on top. So yummy. And it was really nice to get out, as I'd pretty much sat on the couch all day like a zombie because of my two in the morning flight home.

I didn't do much knitting on the trip. We were in the car a lot, and the realtor's driving made me feel pretty sick, so I couldn't knit then. What I did knit, I ripped out when I got home yesterday. I was using KnitPicks Elegance for a scarf, but I used moss stitch, and it just ended up being too textured and you couldn't feel how nice the yarn is. So I ripped it back and started over just using a 1x1 rib, and it's really showing off the yarn much better.

My Jordana Paige knitter's satchel is starting to fall apart. I'm pretty upset about it, especially considering how much they cost. But I emailed customer service and am waiting to see what they say about replacing it.

Ben's coming home this morning so I'm going to get to work getting the house in order and everything nice. He hasn't been here since the weekend before last, so I'm sure it'll make getting to come home that much better if things are nice and clean. I've even been thinking about making some bread. We'll see if I get that ambitious, since I'd have to do it from scratch and by hand, and I don't have my bread pans, so I'd have to do french loaves. But you never know, I might just do it. I do have bread flour to use up.

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