Monday, November 26, 2007

Attack of the Long Weekend

Wow, I've got long weekend jet lag today. I'm feeling very out of it. We had a really good weekend, so that was nice. Thursday we did the turkey and potatoes and lots of yummy extras. My experiment with the no bake pumpkin pie went fairly well, but I overspiced it a little, so it needs lots of extra cool whip to keep from tingling the tongue.

Friday we went to Forest Park and visited the Missouri History Museum. It was pretty good for a free museum, but the exhibits seemed kinda jumbled and it was difficult to understand what exactly the things on display were. I did learn that Charles Lindbergh was super super popular. People really truly loved him. I knew he was famous, but I didn't know he meant so much to people.

Saturday we went back over to the Arch and went down into the Museum of Westward Expansion. Again, I guess it was okay for a free museum, but it's got to be one of the most confusing ways to organize exhibits I've every seen. It was set up as a bunch of concentric half circles, but there's pillars and things everywhere, and you can't get any idea of the timeline involved. And again, there were lots of things on display with no explanation or title cards. I learned there that I'm less scared of taxidermed animals than I thought, but still very very scared.

After a picnic of leftover turkey at the Arch, we went to Belleville to the CVS to start doing the CVS deals. I don't have my reciept because it's in the car, but my deals were something like $18 worth of things, $11 out of pocket, and $18 dollars worth of CVS bucks for next time. For a detailed explanation of how the CVS and other drugstore deals work, check out Crystal's Blog. There are links on the right side that explaing how to use the rebate programs to get free stuff from the drugstores. She does a really nice job of explaining it and breaks down the deals every week too.

Yesterday, we went to church at the Shrine in Belleville, and went to Walmart to pick up some long sleeve shirts, because it's freezing here. We had lunch at Pizza Hut, which was a very nice treat, and then we came back here. I ended up taking a nap and Ben got insurance quotes to get that all lined up for the new house. We had leftover pizza and turkey soup for dinner and then we watched the special Iron Chef on Food Network. It was really good, but it so made me want to bake! I would love to just bake and bake for an hour straight and see how much I could get done.

So today it's back to work. I've cleaned up the room and put away the souveniers we picked up during our site seeing. I still have to get the kitchen cleaned up and run the dishwasher, make the bed (I haven't done that yet, because I hate to have to make Columbo move when he's all cozy and sleeping in the blankets), and do some laundry. After I finish my housework (hotel room work?), I've got a few ideas of articles that I want to sit down and write so I can submit them to Assciated Content. I haven't submitted anything since Wednesday last week. But I have earned $35 dollars since the fourteenth with my articles. It would be more if I could just stick to writing and submitting two a day. But it's been difficult to come up with ideas that aren't over done. They don't accept things if there's already too much like it. So that's my next challenge, finding things to write about that are different enough to get paid.

As for knitting projects, I did make Ben a hat on Friday night, because it was so cold, he needed one. He wore it on Saturday and likes it a lot. I think I might make some purple mittens to match my hat, because I wore it this weekend, and I like it, but I definately need something on my hands. The green winter set is on hold, just because it won't match my sweater, and that's what I have to wear right now. I haven't gotten yarn yet to make Ali's set, but I did see that there's a pattern for the mittens with a pocket in my latest issue of Interweave Knits. So I'll have that as a guide. I might get out some knitting later after my writing is finished, because I feel like I've been neglecting it lately.

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KreativeMix said...

wow...........i feel like such a lazy bum for sleeping all weekend :-)

Bethany said...

well, living in a hotel leaves me with little to nothing to do on most days, so I took advantage of the weekend to get lots of fun packed in. I'm sure sleeping all weekend would have been my choice if I were busier during the week.

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