Saturday, November 03, 2007

A change of topic

Okay, not quite yet, because just to keep you all up to date on the realtor/moving situation, we have been assigned a new realty office. So far they are better, as I spoke with the head of the office yesterday and she asked me lots of details about what we're looking for, and said she'd assign an agent who was experienced with the more rural property. I'm glad that she took the trouble to really find out what it is we want, and even asked why it was we were switching agents. I think she wants to make sure we're happy with her person. I did have to tell the other agent that we weren't going to be using her. I chickened out and emailed her instead of calling though. I thought I might say something, um, not quite tactful, in a phone call.

Now I'll change the topic:

I thought I might write a little about why I enjoy knitting so much. When I learned to knit, I didn't care for as much as I do now. I really liked to crochet more because I was way more used to it. So for about five years I only knitted dishcloths and one or two scarves. I did like the way knitting looked better, but I never had the patience to sit down and really get used to knitting.

Then a couple of years ago, for my birthday, Julie sent me a great ball of sock yarn, a set of double pointed needles, and a pattern for socks. I called her to thank her but I told her that she thought I was a way better knitter than I was. The package came at just the right time though, when I was really wanting to try something new. So, I cast on, and started the sock.

And it was like something just clicked. I loved the way the knitting felt, and I understood the pattern with no problems at all. That pair of socks was finished in about a week, and I've had a knitting project going since then. It wasn't too long after that I figured out I could knit without looking at my hands. I started knitting more for that reason, because it made watching tv and movies with Ben a lot easier. He always hated it when I'd ask what happened, because I was looking at my crocheting. I also loved that I could read and knit at the same time.

Pretty much all of the crafts I do, I really enjoy the finished projects. It's amazing to me, how an object that is handmade can carry so much with it. It's like physical love in each stitch, creating warmth or just something pleasing to see. There's quality and dedication in every hat, or scarf, or pair of pajama pants, or embroidered pillowcase. To me, this is a very practical way that I can literally show my love for the special people in my life.

Another reason I like finished objects so much is the chance for customization. I can sew a blouse or skirt for myself that will fit just the way I want. I can make my cousin who can never find a hat he likes that will fit his head one that will fit him just right and will be just the colors he wants. I can make things you'd never find it a store, just exactly the way they should be.

So those are the practical reasons that I like knitting so much. But there are some different, deeper reasons that I like to knit, or do any kind of crafting at all for that matter. I love the fact that my hands can learn the motions for each craft. And it's a good feeling, the way my hands can remember all the specifics needed for each different craft I do. I feel connected to hundreds of thousands of crafters for generations and generations.

There's another feeling that comes from using my hands that is a little harder to describe. The closest I can come, I think, is the feeling I used to get in Biology class in high school. We'd learn about all the bones and mucsles and how the nerves would control movement and feeling. It was amazing to learn about all the parts of our bodies and how they fit and work together. And sometimes, I would think, "what an amazing God we have, to have given us such perfect machines, and such abilities. And to have provided us all with the capability to think and feel such emotions too! Each person the same, but unique and so special and different." That was one of the times in my life when I felt most strongly the presence of God right in my physical existence. The fact that I can praise God through using the skills he's given me is one of the biggest reasons that I love to knit.

So, that's why I love to knit. Lots of practical reasons, and a couple of deep rooted spiritual reasons.

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Molly said...

Hey, Bethany! Hope your weekend is going well. To respond to your earlier question, we live in O'Fallon, MO, which is a suburb about 25 miles west of St. Louis. I really like it, although having grown up in a VERY rural area, the suburbs are a big change. This area, along with Cottleville, Wentzville, and Dardenne Prairie is growing very fast. You may also check Moscow Mills; we went there for a paintball thing for Jake and it seemed pretty rural but still had a really cool small town feel (does that make sense?). And you can shoot down I70 and be in St. Louis city in about 35 minutes (although the rush hour traffic is pretty bad.) I hope that helps you a bit, and if I can do anything else to help, let me know. Also, if you guys do end up having to stay in a hotel awhile, you are very welcome to come over to our house for a home-cooked meal and maybe some yarn talk!

Happy Sunday,

PS. I really enjoy reading your writing!

Bethany said...

Thanks Molly! We've been looking on the IL side because Ben's pretty sure he'd rather drive over a bridge than through the city. But maybe we'll check them out, and he can see what the drive is like from the Purina tower. Thanks so much for the invite too. We'll have to set something up once we get all settled into the hotel. It's nice to know that I'll know someone there already.

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