Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dirty Laundry

Bet you thought this would be a juicy post, huh? Not really, I literally am referring to laundry in the title. I was going to post about how annoying it is to have to do laundry while living in a hotel, because that was my big chore yesterday, but then I realized that I'm lucky the hotel has laundry rooms that I can use. Because it would be so much worse if I had to take it out to a laundromat somewhere.

Anyway, I did do all the laundry yesterday, and Ben got home from Virginia last night, so yesterday was a pretty good day.

I started a pair of purple mittens to match my purple hat. I've got one almost finished, it's at the top shaping stage and I started the second one to have some non-instruction looking knitting for while I watched tv. The second one is at the gusset starting stage. I started them on dpn's but I decided that I wanted to try magic loop knitting so I put them on one of my 40 inch knitpicks circulars and switched to that. I'm not sure if I like it better, but I understand the theory behind it now and I can see the appeal. Maybe I should try both mittens on one magic loop next.

I got the email today that the yarn I ordered for Ali's mittens and scarf is on it's way. I think I ordered too much, but I just love buying yarn so. I need to go to yarn buying addicts anonymous.

I've submitted five articles so far this week, so I'm almost at my quota I set for myself. I am pretty sure that one of them they for sure won't pay for because it's pretty much a recipe, but the rest I think were pretty good. They're non exclusive to AC, so I'll probably be posting them here too as time goes by.

I picked up the two disc set of 300 that is regularly $35 for only $3 today. If you sign up to use google shopping cart for the first time, you can get $10 off at this site. Some things come out to be absolutely free if you pick something that has free shipping, like the Barry Manilow CD.

Mitten pictures tomorrow!

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Alison said...

yay, yarn!

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