Monday, November 05, 2007

Every rose has a thorn

So, yesterday was a pretty nice day, but there were some rough patches too. Our buyers had their final walk through, and so after we cleaned up the whole house really well, we went out shopping and such. First we headed up to Scottsdale to Ben's office for him to print stuff and work a little. I knit and listened to All Things Bright and Beautiful. I also got to have fun shredding all the stuff from that other contract we were about to sign for the offer we almost put on the house.

Then we went over to Bookman's where we had credit leftover from The Great Book Clean Out '07. I was supposed to be looking for things to read on the trip out to st. louis, but ended up getting a boxed set of all the Little House on the Prarie books, a fruits and vegetables gardening book, a cookbook about cooking food from the garden, and a book about card making. Ben got a couple of cd's and a stephen king book.

We went to WalMart to pick up our prescriptions, and I looked a little at the clearance Halloween stuff. I couldn't resist a silicon cupcake pan shaped like little pumpkins. I'm seriously thinking pumpkin bread. I wonder if banana bread shaped like pumpkins is too weird. We also got a transmitter and a charger to listen to my mp3 player in the car.

At Joann's I picked up some buttons for the goodbye projects, and at Best Buy, Ben got MST3K set #11. I also found out that Best Buy updated the Insignia brand players and for the exact same price, I could have gotten one twice as good now. Very irritating. Then to Michaels to use my coupon. I got a craft punch shaped like a tag for fifty percent off. And saw a very creepy guy who claimed he was from corporate hitting on an eighteen year old. How did I know she was eighteen? I heard him ask her. Gross.

Then we got dinner at In and Out Burger, and while we were in the drive thru, Ben started worrying about living in a hotel and stuff and talking about how we have to hurry to find a house. I can sympathize, but he doesn't really know how to handle worry very well, and ends up angry. I think he's pretty angry about the down payment on the house not being as big as we'd hoped, now that a lot of it is going to the residence inn. But we talked about it, and I think he sees that the down payment isn't quite as important as finding the right place and working together in harmony. We did decide that probably, no matter what, this year we won't be able to make it home for Christmas. I was a little sad about that at first, but then I figured we can always go in Jan or Feb and it'll most likely make the holidays a lot more relaxing than they usually are.

Anyway, a pretty good day over all. And even the tense discussion about housing didn't bring us down too much, as we both handled it better than we usually do things like that. Ben's getting a lot better about talking things over and not losing his temper. I think the classes we had to take at church for the convalidation really helped us both learn how to have these conversations a little better.

Today, I'm planning to work on finishing up the gifts for some of my friends here. I've got buttons to sew on all of them. And there's one person that I haven't made anything for yet, because I don't think the thing I made for everyone else is quite appropriate for her, and I have no idea what to give to her.

This week is going to be a busy week, saying good bye and packing up the car and sorting through all the food and stuff. I decided just to take it slow today, finish up these gifts and wrap them, and maybe make some banana bread. I might run back over to walmart to pick up some tissue paper, because I don't have any other wrapping stuff or anything. And there's always laundry, but in general, I think it'll be nice to enjoy our very clean house, and just hang out.

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Adam J. said...


Glad you guys are handling things the best you can, there must be a lot of stress while moving so far away (yet closer to home.)

Looking forward to you being home whenever you can make it!

Alison said...

I was just looking at the little house box set! I've been thinking about re-reading them. I think I recall being pretty hooked on them when I was in the 4th or 5th grade.

Bethany said...

Thanks, Adam. I can't wait till you and Donna road trip to our new house.

Ali, I was super happy that they had one. It's one of the old ones, and I'm sure it didn't cost twenty dollars new, but it was like free to me, since it was trade in credit. It's a set I've been wanting all of for a long time. Like, since I was ten.

Anna van Schurman said...

Eat a lot of In N Out before you go. You'll miss it. I know I do. (It was the last thing we did in L.A. before we headed east.)

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