Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Happenings

So, all the little kids liked my costume. Which I thought was funny, because I figured it was a majorly dorky costume. We ran out of candy at one point, so I started giving out hot chocolate packets, which I think is a pretty good treat, but I have to feel bad for the one kid that got the airplane peanuts, and the other one who got an apple. Then I moved on to the leftover capri sun drinks, which I think would be an awesome trick or treat treat, and just ran out of those when Ben came back with more candy. But he bought a ton and now we have a bag of Nestle minis that I should not be eating. And I am anyway. I love handing out trick or treat candy.

Yesterday, I packed up all the Halloween stuff and put up my fall leaves garlands and my little velvet pumpkin and scarecrow guy. I actually couldn't decide whether to put that stuff up or not, but I figured even though I have to take it down in a week, it cheered me up to decorate a little. And I had a crappy morning, so it was nice to take a few minutes to do something fun.

We probably won't be offering on that house we liked. They do have restrictions like a subdivision even though they're not enforced now, we still wouldn't technically be allowed to keep chickens. And since it was going to be stretching the budget to live in that house, it's not worth it, because I can not keep chickens at a much less expensive house.

I'm going to participate in NaBloPoMo. I wasn't sure if I should, since we're going to be on the road for at least three days next week, but I decided that cell phone picture posts can count toward my post a day goal.

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Mary said...

When we moved here to Arkansas from Ohio we had to rent a small house for 3 months before the right house came along. I knew it was the right house the minute I walked into it. We paid a lot less for it than we would have if we had gotten the first ones that we looked at.
Have a great day!!

Bethany said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mary. I appreciate you sharing your experience, it really helps me realize that things will work out.

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