Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holiday Preparations

I'm still feeling a little down today, because the bank is giving us the run around and stalling and wasting time, which is driving Ben crazy. I just worry too much, I suppose. I should learn to trust in God and in Ben's judgement better, but it's difficult for me, because I always feel like I have to be extra competent and make good decisions. I think that it'll be best if I just trust that Ben will make a good decision regarding the mortgage and stop worrying about it myself.

BUT, I have decided for sure that I don't want to be mopey anymore, so I took some pictures of things to cheer me up, and I started on some of the dessert for Thanksgiving. I decided to make a peanut butter pie today. The recipe is here on Lorie's menu plan for last week.

I saw it and decided it would be the perfect recipe to try to adapt to be an oven-less pumpkin pie. I'm surprising Ben with it, because he thinks there's no way I could make pumpkin pie. I'm going to pretty much use the recipe as is, with a little more sugar perhaps, and replace the peanut butter with canned pumpkin and spices.

So I made the regular peanut butter version today to see how beating the cream cheese and sugar together would go by hand. Everything worked out really well, and it looks totally yummy. I have to admit, it probably won't actually last until Thanksgiving before we cut it.

This is what the fridge looks like when I do my grocery shopping downstairs at the complimentary breakfast.

Here are supplies for the weekend. This really makes me think of my mom's house for some reason, all the groceries getting put on the counter because there's no room for the yummy extras in the cabinets.

Here's my new slow cooker. Isn't it so pretty?

Are you drooling over my peanut butter pie?

I just had to go down to the snack shop and get some reese's peanut butter cups to chop up for the top. Poor pie looked really plain without them. I think this will be a nice surprise for Ben when he gets home.
Another nice surprise for him will be how clean it is in here. I've been making the bed and cleaning up myself for the last week, but I don't have a vacuum, and it was really needed with the cats' litter everywhere. So, earlier, I tricked the cats with catnip and locked them in their boxes. Then I let Dorothy, our housekeeping person, come in and clean the room really well and change the sheets and towels and vacuum. It's nice to have it done, but I don't think I'd do it more often than once a week, the cats are stressed out enough as it is. I also did all the laundry and it's all clean and put away now, so today has been a very productive day.
Since I've accomplished so much so far today, including submitting my two articles this morning, I'm planning to just relax and read for a while now. I'm sort of in between projects with my knitting right now. I have some things that I brought with me to work on, but they're all at starting stages. If I get motivated to start something, I might do that, but I might just read for a couple of hours too. Ben will be home in an hour or two, and then we'll probably go over the loan stuff so he can explain to me how it works.

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Julie said...

OH MY WORD! The pie looks like you have your own private commercial kitchen! I'm jealous. It looks fabulous.

Mary said...

Your crock pot is cute! The pie looks great too!! I wonder if I could make that pie with Splenda instead of sugar. Hmmm I may try it.

Bethany said...

Julie, it did turn out pretty yummy looking, huh? That's why I just had to take a picture.

Mary, I'm sure you could use splenda and wouldn't be able to tell the difference at all!

Adam J. said...

i already own that crockpot! HA

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