Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jack Face Part I

Yesterday at about eleven in the morning, when Ben and I still hadn't showered or gotten out of our pajamas, we decided that we would have a massively lazy day. One of those days that you don't do anything but watch tv and movies, not even get dressed. Not long after that, I was talking to Adam and told him our plans for the day. Then we were talking about finishing up things in the pantry, to prepare for the move. I realized that there was about three quarters of a fifth of Jack and a little bit of peach schnapps left that we wouldn't be able to take in the car with us. So, I told Adam that we'd do that yesterday, since we wouldn't get another chance to drink since all this coming week we have to get up. Well, he didn't believe that I could do it and wanted pictures. I told him I'd do three shots in a row. He laughed his butt off and said I couldn't. Here's the proof that this long winded intro is leading up to:

(Please ignore that I look all gross. Remember? This was a massively lazy pajama day.)

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Adam J. said...



Bethany said...

I guess the one where my face is eating my lips would be the Jack face. In my defense, that was the first shot. I got a lot better on the others.

Alison said...

I totally read that as "jerk face" and didn't understand, lol

Bethany said...

It'd be hiliarious if I decided to use my own blog as a forum to call myself a jerk face. "Beppy's such a jerk face! Gosh!"

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