Sunday, November 11, 2007

Joplin, MO

We drove for about 11 hours again today. It was a pretty good day, but I did start to get pretty cranky toward the end. We did get to stop at the world's largest McDonalds. That was kinda neat. I started my hat, I've got about four inches done on it so far. We've stopped for the night now, which I'm glad about, since I can watch Amazing Race. I really want to have something yummy for dinner, but I don't really want to have to get back into the car. Maybe we can find something good that will deliver.

I'm pretty glad we'll be getting to the Residence Inn tomorrow. Even though it's not our final stop, we'll be able to get settled in and not have to move on right away the next morning. I'm a get settled in kind of person. Plus, we'll be able to cook and eat real food, so we won't be wasting so much money on junky fast food anymore.

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