Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mitten Action Shot!

But first, here are some other pictures that should be shared.

This bear is in The Museum of Westward Expansion. Isn't it so creepy that the taxidermist gave it a person face?

Here I am with the bear pretending that I'm not terrified to have my back to it. What's even worse than being near these stupid taxidermied things is having to turn my back on these stupid taxidermied things. But I wanted to show how brave I am. See how brave?

Ben took this one of the arch from right next to the leg.

Ali sent me a writing muse! I hung her right up where I can see it. Not that I couldn't see it from just about anywhere, because I live in a hotel.

And finally... the mitten! This is actually the second mitten, but I finished it first. Tomorrow, I'll just have to do the top shaping on the hand and the thumb on the other one, and I'll have pair!

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Julie said...

Amazingly brave!

Alison said...

I like how you have a picture of your mitten in action

Bethany said...

Ali, I'd go play in the snow and get some shots of them really working, but we don't have any snow. And holding hot chocolate is really my mittens in their natural state anyway. :D

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