Monday, November 19, 2007

One of Those Days

I am definately just having one of those days today. I started out motivated and wrote two articles. But then I was feeling very sick. I've been having a lot of stomach issues lately. I think it's all the anxiety of moving making me sick. I'm not particularly upset about it, but my stomach has always been a barometer when it comes to that kind of thing.

Then I got emails rejecting the articles I submitted yesterday. And then I got emails rejecting the two I submitted this morning! Even though I managed to edit them and resubmit them and get three of them accepted today, it was frustrating because they offered less than the first ones and it took editing and such. And there are still about three that I've written that I don't think any amount of editing will get accepted. Which leaves a lot of the ideas I came up with this morning in doubt.

Then we went to the bank to do the loan application, and they offered us a much worse interest rate than the same bank had quoted over the phone. That's still not cleared up, though we pretty much told them to match it or we'd go with their phone people. They'll be calling us tomorrow morning to let us know. But it upset Ben quite a bit to have things go like that. He did hold onto his temper pretty well, though, so I was impressed with that.

After we got home I worked on editing the rejected articles, and then we went down to dinner. It was beef stew over biscuits, which was pretty good. I have to admit, it wasn't the worst day ever, I'm just not feeling too well and feeling kind of down too. It's one of those days where all you want to do is go to bed so then you can start over again in the morning. I'm pretty much planning to do just that.

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Alison said...

Sorry your day was so bad. I know the feeling. Hopefully things will get better and you and Ben will have a new house soon!

Bethany said...

Thanks AliCat. I'm sure I'll feel better after the loan stuff is taken care of. Or at least after I'm finally living in my new house and unpacked. You know, eventually.

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