Saturday, November 10, 2007

Santa Rosa, NM

A long day in the car today. We drove for about 11 hours, but we only got about 580 miles. It took a long time to get out of AZ because the poor little Kia just can't climb mountains faster than forty-five miles an hour. But now we're on highway 40, and we figure we can be in Springfield, MO before we stop tomorrow night. That would only leave about three or four hours to do on Monday.

The cats were good today and didn't cry at all. That must be some pretty good stuff the vet gave them. They pretty much just stared at nothing with a glazed look all day. We're in the Super 8 now, so they can run around and eat and use the litter box. And yet they don't seem grateful that we let them out. Just mad that we put them in the boxes to begin with.

I knit in the car a little today. I'm pretty much done with my scarflette thing. I just have to decide how the buttonholes should go, and then I can cast off. I'm going to do that tonight so I can cast on a hat out of the purple colored Andean Treasure I have so I can have that all set to go tomorrow. I probably would have gotten more done today, but I kept falling asleep. It's like I was on what the cats were taking.

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Alison said...

When we moved out here, the vet told us to give one of our cats diluted benedryl. It worked but when we gave it to him, he hated the flavor so much that he ran around the house foaming at the mouth and running into furniture. When it finally kicked in, though, it was great. He was really bad with car trips and this made it easy.

Bethany said...

We gave them Benedryl when we drove to AZ to move there. That worked pretty well, but thise time the vet gave us these nice little premeasured srynges with the right dose for each cat. It's working really well. And it makes them super high, they don't make a peep the whole day long. They usually cry so loud every time we put them in their boxes, it's a nice change. And I hope it's making it easier on them.

Adam J. said...

High kitties, sounds like a off-Broadway musical!

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