Saturday, November 17, 2007

We got a ton done today

This morning we met with our agent and sent off a contract. I think we have an agreement, but nothing is official yet. After that, we picked up some fried chicken at Walmart and went off to Forest Park to have a picnic. Forest Park is so beautiful, I want to just live there. But I think that'd make me homeless. Then we went to the zoo and had a very nice time there. We came back to the hotel and had dinner and then made our lists for Thanksgiving supplies. We went back to Walmart to get the groceries and my super great new slow cooker. Now we're back home again, and it's just about time for bed.
Tomorrow, we'll go to church and then maybe visit the arch, since I haven't been there yet. We have to go to Schnuck's grocery store and pick up the last of the groceries. Ben will probably spend the afternoon working, and so I might as well work on more articles then too. Or I might do some correspondence. However you all spend the day, I wish you a peaceful Sunday.

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