Friday, November 16, 2007

We picked a house!

I feel so relieved and happy that we've found the right place! I don't really have the energy right now to go all into describing it, but I'll post all about it in the future. And, of course, there will be lots of pictures when we get to move in. First of all, we'll have to make at offer, and I hope you'll all be praying for us through the negotiation process. We don't want to strong arm anyone, but we do need to get a fair price, so we'll see what works out.

I had my first article published on Associated Content today. I'm very happy with this site. I know that it's a search term driven type of thing, and they're not looking for the next Hemingway, but it's something I've always had a lot of skill doing. That was pretty much my school career, just producing contect at command.

So, since I'm good at it, it comes easily, I find it entertaining, and it doesn't take much time or effort away from my real job of being a homemaker, I really think writing these articles could replace my Curves income. Here's the link to my first published article:

I've sold four other articles that I'd already written that I've been paid for but haven't been published yet. The one that's published was an assignment they offered that I picked up. The other four are the articles on about yarn and one is my Recipe Tuesday post about using the slowcooker to make turkey. Pretty good to get money for stuff I've already written and that's been in use for a while.

I like that you can submit things under non-exclusive terms, so then it doesn't matter if I've already put it on my blog or site. And then I get paid per page views too, which was why I wrote the yarn articles in the first place, to have content pages that would work for my google ads.

Anyway, I think it's a pretty interesting thing, and I'm hoping to submit an article every day. I think it's a reasonable goal, especially considering that I'm living in a hotel with nothing else much going on. In fact, I think that for the next few weeks, I might try to hit a goal of two articles a day.

One challenge I can see is finding ideas for articles every day. If anyone has any questions I could answer, or topics they'd like addressed, I love if you let me know. It always seems easier for me to write from an assignment. Even when it's my own idea, I always form it into the form of an essay question or something to get myself started writing. So, leave a comment, ask a question! I'm planning to post any of the articles I write that are not AC calls right here on my blog as well as submit them, so definately let me know if you all have any ideas.

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Adam J. said...

????? TOPIC ??????????

What to do when the fire alarm in your hotel goes off and its you or your cats?

Adam J. said...

or maybe you and the cute one?

Bethany said...

Obviously, I'm no expert. But you, my friend, are a funny guy. :D

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