Monday, December 03, 2007

Book Review: Country Wisdom and Know-How

We were at Sam's Club on Saturday morning, and I was looking through the books when a book called Survival Skills caught my eye. I've written before about how I love survival stories, so I just had to stop and look. I was deciding whether my brother and sister in law would like it because they love outdoorsy stuff (i decided against it, shipping would have cost a lot, it was a really big book), when I noticed a very similar book call Country Wisdom and Know-How. It is subtitled Everything You Need to Know to Live off the Land. Of course I was interested right away since I'm about to start a homesteading adventure.

At first I was a little disappointed by the quality of the materials the book is made of. The pages are printed on newsprint type paper and so they are thin. It is a soft-cover book, and with a book this size, it's about 11x14, that can make it seem unwieldly to read. But once I read a few pages I knew it was a book that I'd love to have.

There is so much information in this book, with real practical advice. It is a complilation of newletters from the seventies, with updates and editing where needed. The subjects it addresses are varied, from gardening to building a fountain to preserving food. There's information on making perfume, slaughtering chickens, cooking rabbit, building cat condos, and growing blueberries. I'd recommend it to those who aren't homesteading, or even mini-homesteading, like me, because there's lots of recipes, food drying and canning tips, and fun things to do and try. It's an all around interesting read.

I've even learned that the large size has its advantages, since Ben and I were able to sit together and both look at it once. We enjoyed talking over which projects we might like to try as well. There were lots of subjects that Ben was very interested in as well, different construction projects like root cellars and animal husbandry. So it might make a good present for men too if you know one that likes country things.

I did end up buying it, and it was $13 at Sam's, so it's even cheaper on Amazon. So far we've both looked at it a lot and we keep finding more and more interesting advice in it. If the one about survival is as interesting, I might have to go back and get it. Or I could just add it to my wishlist.

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Molly said...

Hi, Bethany! Sorry I haven't written sooner after Thanksgiving; we had a good trip but bad drives out and back, and last week I just kind of hunkered down and recovered. How are you guys doing?

I am going to look for the country wisdom book at Sam's. I, too, love survival stories and country living. My grandparents still kind of live that way. When I was little I wanted to pack my blanket and live out in the woods by myself. My secret dream is stll to leave suburbia and this ranch house (our first home, so I am proud of it but a little like "is this really me?") and live out in the country and bake and sew and crochet and plant a garden.

Have you ever read any of the Foxfire books?

Well, we would love for you and Ben to come over, or if you want to get out some I could pick you up and we could go exploring (as long as you don't mind a toddler coming along--he's pretty fun : )

Just let me know~~


Bethany said...

I'm glad you had a good trip and you seem good and recovered now. I've never read foxfire books, is it a series?

I'd love to get together sometime! Ben's usually only available on the weekends, but what with living in a hotel and all, I'm free every day. Email me beppers777 (at) and maybe we can set something up? I'd love to go outside on a weekday, lol.

Molly said...

here's a link to the Foxfire books:
(they are similar to the country wisdom book)

I will definately e-mail you soon. . .just gotta rush this housework done before Rick gets home!

Molly said...

I never can spell definitely right!

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