Monday, December 24, 2007

It's finally Christmas-time at my house!

Yesterday we went to church at the new church that we'll probably be joining now that we've moved. It's so pretty inside! It's one of those older huge brick ones, so I was afraid there'd be big scary statues, but there weren't. (Yes, I'm scared of statues, but I am getting less scared as I get older.) It's kind of a gothic style, with pointed arches and all. And the people all seem pretty nice. The deacon read his homily, and Ben doesn't usually care for that, but at least it made sense. It was pretty much about the importance fathers play in all our lives, in honor of St. Joseph and his choice to follow God and marry Mary even though she was pregnant.

After church, we came home, but we ended up going out again because Ben's new coffee maker leaked water all over the counter, so we went to Target to exchange it. At Target, I picked up some stocking stuffers in the $ spot, and got Ben one of his Christmas presents. I got him a nice set of hobby tools all in a case. He keeps saying he wants to have a hobby, so I thought this would be good for whatever he wants to do. He says woodcarving, so these should all come in handy. Though I have to admit, I keep looking at it and wondering if I've done that thing where I bought him something that's really for me again. Anyway, I know he'll like what else I got him.

I got him Office Space. I picked that up a long time ago. And I got him a post it pad that's a mouse pad, with The Office on it. I also got him a fossil. This is his big present. He really likes these, and we saw a show on tv about finding them, and he thought it was so cool. Well, on the way out here, right before we hit the AZ border, we stopped at a petrified forest/fossil store. And they had so many of them! He kept looking and looking at them. And he never really spends money on things that he wants, so I kept telling him to just pick one. So, I finally told him I'd buy it for him out of my savings from working at Curves and he picked one. Well, while he was in the bathroom, I picked out the other one he wanted too, and got them both. So he knows about one, but the other one is a complete surprise.

I'm totally excited to give him his presents.

We went to CVS yesterday and got another photo book. Ben liked doing the first one so much, he really wanted to do another one. I didn't get quite as good of deals, but we got some lights to go under the cabinet in the darker part of the kitchen, a farmer's almanac, and the photo book. Also dish soap, tissues and baby soap to donate. I spent all of my ECB's on that stuff, but only two dollars out of pocket. And I got 3 ECB's back for next time. We do need batteries for the lights, so I'm kicking myself for messing up the battery deal, since the $5 off battery coupons expired yesterday. I'm still going to see what I can figure using the $5 off fifteen coupons and the $2 off ten coupons.

Today we're planning a quiet day here at home. We've both got present wrapping to do, and maybe we'll watch a movie. We're planning to make some fudge or brittle, and then we'll go to Christmas eve mass at 4:30. I'm looking forward to going to Christmas Mass at our new church. They decorated yesterday afternoon. I'll bet it's really pretty.

We got all our decorations up yesterday too! I've decided that since the Christmas season was late coming to me this year with all the unpacking distractions, I'm going to keep Christmassing long afterward. So I'll go with the Church this year and celebrate Christmas right up to Epiphany.

We made a gingerbread house last night too. It was super fun. And it turned out so cute! I got the kit at Aldi's and it only cost five dollars. It was a way better kit than the Wilton one too, with the frosting premixed and in bags for piping already and way more kinds of candy for decorating. It even came with two gingerbread men too. So, if you're looking for a gingerbread house kit, I'd really reccommend the Aldi one over the Wilton one.

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Alison said...

I got a gingerbread house kit, too. I bought it a few weeks ago, it was on sale for $7. It's still sitting in the box because after reading the directions, I decided I did not have the patience to do it, lol.

Bethany said...

That was a better thing about the aldi kit too, the frosting was thicker and glued way better, so you didn't have to do that hold it up with cans and wait overnight thing. If you have Aldi by you, you could get one of those and do a gingerbread duplex. :D

Alison said...

We don't have Aldis in MA.

I may make our gingerbread house a project for the 2 of us tomorrow, I don't know.

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