Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making My Hotel Room a Haven

Crystal has been having a "making your home a haven" challenge on her blog for the last week or so. I've been following along and it's been a good reminder and good inspiration to keep things well organized around here, since while we're here in the hotel room space is at a premium.

I got my kitchenette cleaned up right after I came back from breakfast, and I'm saving the laundry till Thursday so we'll have as much clean as possible when we go to the house on Sat.
I don't actually have to make dinner because they always have nice food at the "social" in the lobby (tonight is chef salad night). I cleaned out the fridge and put all the trash out. I'm planning to listen to and pray along with my rosary cd while I knit, for my renew my spirit time, and I'll also listen to the book I've been listening to about Thomas Aquinas. Very interesting to learn about theology, btw.

Today the challenge is to clean out, declutter or organize a drawer or shelf, and also to work on something that's been procrastinated. I've got lots of things going on right now that I have been procrastinating on. So, I'm planning to write at least one article and think up ideas for two more, finish the last two rounds on the last hat for the hat drive, get Ali's mittens started and done to the top of the cuffs, and make five more Christmas cards, and address and sign at least eight. For the decluttering, I'm going to sort out all the cupboards and food we have around and see if there's anything at all that I have here for the food drive in the lobby.

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