Monday, December 10, 2007

My Experience with Google Ads

I've been using google ads on my blog and my website since Oct. 2005 I've never had any problems with inappropriate or offensive ads and it is an easy program to use. The earnings can be slow though, and people tend to ignore ads usually.

It took about a year for me to earn my first $100. Google will only send checks after you've reached $100 payout. I got my first check in Oct. 2007. It has taken me longer to earn $100 dollars this year, Oct. has come and gone, and I'm up to $60. But this works for me, because I know that it's building up a little at a time, and even though it might take another six months, I will get $100 sometime for just putting up the ads.

With Blogger, putting up ads is simple. You don't have to use code from the Google site. There is a widget in the layout tools that you can use to add the ad boxes on your blog. You can even click "match blog" or "blend blog". That way, you don't have to change the colors in the code when you change your template colors.

I think one reason earnings with Google Ads are so slow is the fact that people's eyes tend to skim right over ads. The Google Ads are starting to seem ubiquitous, so people don't click on them, because I think, often they don't even fully see them.

So far, my experience with Google's ad program has been a good one, and I plan to continue to use them, though I am looking into expanding into other ad programs as well.

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Julie said...

how do you get money for them? Do people just click on it and you get credit or does something else have to be done?

Bethany said...

it's about $.05 to $5 for every click. when we put the artificial putting green in, I made like fifteen bucks. Those were high paying ads, lol. But yeah, you get paid whatever the ad pays whenever anyone clicks on them. And if you have lots of pageviews, you can make a little bit that way. But mostly they have to get clicked to pay out.

Melonie said...

I try to make sure to look for, and click thru, AdSense ads on the blogs I really enjoy. Hopefully this adds up for them sooner or later and I always hope it will for me on my blog too. It's not much but sooner or later it'll add up to that 100 bucks. ;-)

Kelly Malloy said...

It's nice to hear a real life Google story that is true rather than some of the $100,000 per month stories. I am at a little bit higher than $70 and I have been blogging for a little less than a year, so it seems our experiences are similar! Thank you!

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