Monday, December 03, 2007

Our Weekend

On Friday, Ben came home at one in the afternoon! I was totally surprised and excited, because he hardly ever will take an afternoon off, and I hadn't left the hotel since the previous Sunday morning! We went to the movies, and he even let me pick the movie. I decided we should see Enchanted. It was very cute and romantic. I'd recommend it as a rental pick for sure. While we were at the movies we saw flyers that they were having a canned food drive there the next day (a "Cans Film Festival" hehehe). If you brought in 5 cans of food you got free admission to the movies, but if you brought in 15 cans, you got free admission and a free pass for next time.

So, on Saturday, while we did our grocery shopping at Super Walmart (shudder-it was so crowded!) we picked up thirty cans of the store brand canned veggies, beans and tomatoes for $.50 each. And before anyone accuses me of giving the poor cheap food, that's what we buy for ourselves too, lol. Anyway, for $15 dollars, we each got to go to the movies and we each got another pass for a different day. Plus, we helped the Salvation Army. That comes out to be half priced tickets. The deal is even better if we use our passes sometime at night. We rarely go to the movies in the evening becasue it's so expensive! Anyway, on Saturday, we saw Bee Movie, because that's what was playing at the time we got there. It was pretty cute, but not as good as Finding Nemo.

We came home and read our new book about homesteading (review below), put together a Mexican casserole in the slow cooker for Sunday's dinner, and had a quiet evening. Then yesterday, we planned to go to Boonesfield Village. We set out and stopped at a mall we saw from the highway along the way for Ben to get his haircut. He just about choked on paying for a haircut, since I usually do it, but it was much needed, and I couldn't really see how I could do it here at the hotel with no clippers or scissors or broom. We got back on the road, but it started pouring rain. Ben hates turning around, so we drove all the way there, thinking, maybe we'll drive out of the storm or maybe it'll stop. But it was pouring even more in Defiance, so we turned around and came back home. We stopped at Chili's for lunch, and then spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging around watching food network, since the rain didn't seem to let up all day. We had our Mexican casserole for dinner, and it was pretty tasty.

Last night I tried to make nestle break and bake cookies on the stove top like pancakes. I ended up with a pile of warm cookie dough, so I'm not sure if you'd call that a failure or a success.

The yarn for Alison's mittens came from KnitPicks yesterday, along with my copy of the Knitter's Almanac and Sweater Workshop. I can't wait to really get into them and start reading. But first I'll have to cast on Ali's mittens so I can work on them while I read. I know that Sweater Workshop will stay open for me at least, because it's got a spiral binding. Knitter's Almanac is too small and paperbacky to stay open, but my new homesteading book is big enough if I end up getting confused by knitting and reading about knitting at the same time. I'm also making a v. 1.5 of Ben's hat for him. The first one was a bit small, so we'll donate to the hat drive at his work, since it's a good size for a kid, and I'm making him a bigger one that will be long enough to fold up over his ears. I finished my mittens on Friday, and they're really cute. Well, they're soft anyway. I'm not sure if I can call them cute, because if you saw them, you'd think, oh isn't that nice, she knit mittens for those long fingered aliens. Because I have unhumanly long fingers. They look much better on my hands than off.

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Country Girl At Heart said...


Thanks for stopping by. I will post an easy guide to using all of the chicken. None my chicken goes in the trash, without first being used for some portion of a meal, aside from the skin.
Check back next week for the post.

Bethany said...

Thank you! I know it's cheaper to buy whole chickens when you can use all of it, but I get overwhelmed when faced with all that skin and bones.

Country Girl At Heart said...

Hey Bethnay I have a post up with steps for making chicken broth.

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