Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Quick Update

Ben's parents arrived safe and sound yesterday. We all made pizza for pizza night, and then exchanged presents. It was very nice for have company. We took them out to the Shrine to see the huge Christmas display. They really enjoyed that, and we stopped at the gift shop as well. I picked up a book about the contributions that St. Clair and St. Francis made during the middle ages.

Today we're planning to head out to the arch. I'm pretty excited about that, since I haven't been back in St. Louis since we went to Ben's Christmas party. I kinda miss the city, lol. Not enough that I'd actually want to live there, but enough that it's exciting to go back to. I'll be bringing some simple knitting to keep me occupied, since I'm not planning to head up the the top of the arch, and there's lots of signs to read in the museum I've already looked at. But Ben's dad loves to read every word in a museum, so I'm looking forward to settling in and watching all the people at the arch and maybe doing a little gift shop shopping.

Tonight we'll be having bean soup flavored with the ham bone from Christmas. I'll set it up in the slowcooker before we head out, and it should be nice and yummy when we get back home. And if we're back before dinner time, I'll make some dinner rolls too.

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Mary said...

So glad to hear that Ben's parents got there safely! Sounds like you all are having a great time over these Christmas Holidays!
God Bless You in this new year!

yellojkt said...

Thanks for joining in on NaJuReMoNoMo. In answer to your question, there are no restrictions on how long the book has to be. A short story collection wouldn't be in the spirit of the idea, but there are a lot of good short novels out there.

Enjoy the St. Louis Arch. I went up it summer before last and I was very surprised my how small and crowded the elevators are.

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