Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Recipe Tuesday

Pizza Night!

Today's Recipe Tuesday is actually more of an idea than a recipe. Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to crust and sauce, but here is how we do pizza night. Ben and I totally love having pizza night once a week. Ben likes it because he really enjoys getting in the kitchen and making his crust, and it's like a date night celebration. I don't know, there's just something inherently fun about pizza. And I love it because it's almost like a night off cooking, it's so easy to do, and I could eat pizza breakfast, lunch and dinner, so it's a big treat for me.

We start by making the sauce. Either I'll do it the day ahead or on Friday morning or while Ben is mixing up the crusts. Our pizza sauce is very simple. I start with olive oil and about four cloves of diced garlic in a small sauce pan over medium low heat. After the garlic is soft and the oil is flavored, I'll add an 8 oz can of tomato sauce (hopefully no salt added). That's it. I turn the heat all the way down as low as possible and let it heat through. It's super easy to make and fits both our tastes, as I don't care for basil or oregano much. Ben adds these herbs on top of his sauce and under the cheese when he puts his pizza together.

We like to plan pizza night for Friday nights and we make sure we have enough toppings every week. I like hamburger on my pizza, so I'll brown a whole pound and package it in about four different snack bags all inside one freezer bag. Then I just have to pull out a baggie of hamburger, and I'm all set to "decorate" my pizza. I don't use this hamburger for anything else, because for pizza, I like to cook it so brown it's almost burned, and the crispy meat doesn't really work for other recipes.

Ben likes to change his toppings around every week, so before we go grocery shopping he checks the ads to see what he might like that week. He also uses leftovers often, like cooked chicken or pork. He'll use barbecue sauce sometimes and make bbq chicken pizza. Or he'll do ham if we have leftovers of that, with chunk pineapple.

I like to use the Jiffy crust mixes, that's my favorite kind of homemade crust. Ben likes to make a foccacia bread recipe to use as his crust. After he's made the crusts and spread them on the pans, we each build our own pizza with the toppings that I laid out while he was doing the crusts. We both like mozarella and when the pizzas come out of the oven, we add shredded parmasean.

I've absolutely made myself homesick for pizza night. I think that as soon as we move into the new house and have an oven again, the very first thing we'll make is pizza!

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Melonie said...

This has me craving pizza now too. Perhaps I'll put it on our menu plan for next week. Good luck with all the adventures in the hotel and with the bank - I've been popping in daily since I found your blog in hopes of seeing more good news. We made a military move with a 4-week old baby a few months back and I can empathize about trying to be at "home" in a hotel!

BTW, congratulations on your Associated Content sales. Keep up the great work! That's why I tagged you today:

So others can visit you too - you never know when there will be an editor/publisher in the readership who will like your style. Hope it snags you a lead. :-)

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