Saturday, December 22, 2007

Super Saturday Savings!

Today we went to CVS to take advantage of some of the deals. In the picture, there are candy canes, a whitman sampler, baby shampoo, D batteries, tissues, three razors, and a photo book.

I paid $.31 out of pocket for all of this together!

I did spend $5.99 in CVS money, but I got $6 CVS money back. The baby shampoo was free with the $2 off Johnson's coupon, I'm collecting them to donate to a women's shelter or something, and the tissues were free with the CVS coupon too. Those I'm just collecting to have enough tissues around for the winter. The razor is for me, becasue Ben says four blades is just too much for him. The other stuff is various Christmas stuff.

The photo book was so much fun to make! I'd love to do another one sometime too. It was super easy, I could see doing one everytime we take a trip or something like that. I could have a series of them, lol.

We also went to pick up our free 8X10 print at Walgreens. It was there, but they'd printed it portrait style instead of landscape, so the sides were cut off. I asked if we could get it printed right, and the guy ended up printing three of them and giving them all to us. So that's ten dollars worth of prints for free! Pretty cool, I'd say. I put ours in a frame right away, and I'm planning to frame up the other two for family as well.

Hope everyone else had some super savings this week!

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Jennifer said...


Love your deals!! Its so much fun getting all this free stuff isn't it!!

Melonie said...

GREAT job on the deals and on getting unpacked so quickly. Hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas and vacation week!!! :-)

Bethany said...

Thanks guys! Jennifer, the free stuff is so much fun! I'm addicted to my new CVSing hobby. Melonie, I'm not sure it's really that quickly, there's still more boxes than not here in the house, but slowly but surely, I should get organized.

Merry Christmas!

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