Monday, December 10, 2007


We had a very nice weekend. On Saturday, we tried to go to Daniel Boone's home again. It poured rain and made everything muddy again, so we didn't go. I think we might give up on that one for the time being. It seems to be pouring rain everytime we try to go.

We did go to some thrift stores, because I'm looking for a winter coat. I want a gray wool one, but I'm afraid I've gotten way too late a start to find one in my size at the thrift stores. I can do well enough with the fleece lined one that I have for this winter, and next year I'll start looking a lot sooner in the fall for what I want.

I would just buy a new one, but I'm thinking of taking the pledge on this website, and I wanted to see if I could do it.

We went to mass yesterday and then went to get presents for the giving tree. We picked a tag from a fifteen year old boy who wanted guitar strings and picks. Since we didn't know whether to get electric or accoustic, we got a pack of both and a pack of picks. I also picked up a magazine to go with it that had a learn these songs cd. We also picked a tag from an eleven year old boy who wanted a hoodie. There was a discount type store next to the guitar store, so we just went there to get the hoodie. I've got to say, I wish they were grown up sized! We picked one that has thumb holes in the cuffs and under the kangaroo pocket, there's another special pocket to hold an mp3 player. There's a button hole that leads to the inside of the sweatshirt for the earbud cords! I'm definately going to have to make myself something like that.

We had lunch at a Chinese Buffet that was just like the one in Midland that my whole family likes to go to. It was pretty good. And after that, we came back to the hotel and just relaxed. We watched food network and I read and knitted.

I was feeling sheepish about the hugely gigantic hat that won't fit anyone, but I've redeemed myself, because I've finished three hats for foster kids for the hat drive with Ben's work. I've got one more to finish in the car today, and I'll start Ali's mittens this afternoon. I'm going to experiment and make them both at the same time with the magic loop method. Also, I'm planning to try to shrink the giant hat. It is wool, so I should be able to make it fit someone I know by shrinking it.

Later after we get back here, I'm planning to write a book review about The Sweater Workshop, and maybe about The Knitter Almanac.

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