Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wii related injuries

Well, this week has gone very well. I'd like to thank everyone for their nice comments and prayers for us as we settle into our new house.

We've gotten a lot of the boxes unpacked. I'm completely unpacked in the bedroom, the kitchen and the master bathroom and closet. There's still lots of pictures to hang in the living room, but after that, the living room will be box free. We've got to do Ben's office and my desk and the desktop computer, and my whole sewing room yet. So, there's still lots of unpacking fun if anyone wants to come over and dig through boxes filled with more paper than actual things.

My menu went pretty much according to plan. The dinner Tuesday night was a buffet, so I made the back up plan of a roast in the crock pot for our company. Everyone liked it a lot. And there was plenty of roast left to be shepherd's pie in a week or two. We planned out our menu from here until the first yesterday. And we went shopping. Ben's parents will be visiting during that time, and we're planning some candy making and lots of baking, so it was a huge shopping trip. I'll post the menu tomorrow or Monday for menu plan Monday.

I've been feeling better in the last few days than I was last weekend. My high anxiety isn't usually a problem, since I lead a low stress life, but when there are large changes in my life, it sort of takes over, and I get wound pretty tight. I've been trying to include more time for prayer and reflection. Getting uppacked and being able to do things I really enjoy, like cook and bake, again, have really helped too. Also, I wasn't being very diligent about taking my synthroid, and I know that those hormone levels can do some wacky things to your emotions, so I've been much more careful about taking that every morning as well.

Ben's got his Wii and the dvd player all set up. Angie's boys really enjoyed playing. Gabe was so cute, he kept running back and forth to try to get his little cow to run in the right direction. I might play some this evening, since Ben's got it on now and he's golfing. But I'm not completely into it for two reasons. One, I'm so bad at video games it's actually not that much fun, and two, I always end up with Wii-Arm. I wonder if that's an injury doctors see a lot of.

I haven't gotten any knitting done this week. Which is really sad, becasue that means that Ali's mittens are going to be dismally late for Christmas. I know she'll forgive me because she so super great and nice (right, Ali?), but I'm frustrated with my lack of deadline meeting. I'd like to say that I'll get them done this weekend, or right away on Monday, but with more company coming and so much unpacking, I think they'll probably have to wait till later in Christmas Break.

Yes, I'm getting Christmas Break this year even though I'm not in school anymore and we don't have kids. Ben's taking the rest of the month off, including the First of Jan. so we're planning to do it up right, just like when we were kids. I'm excited to have a nice vacation with him, so even though it's sad to not be going home for Christmas, I'm definately planning to make the best of it and enjoy a relaxing time here, making the new house more home-like and spending lots of nice time together.

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Alison said...

yes, I forgive you, but only because my present for you is late, too :)

Sounds like your unpacking is going well, that's good. I'm terrible with that!

I have a nice Christmas break, too. I've got about 11 days off. It's so nice!! I'm really looking forward to just relaxing Christmas day with Andy. It seems sometimes we are both so busy that we rarely get entire days to just sleep in, relax and enjoy our time together.

Alison said...

also, I get Wii eyes, I guess I forget to blink while playing video games and my eyes dry out and hurt

Bethany said...

I'm terrible at unpacking too. I made it sound better than it was. The rooms that are finished are the ones with the least amount of boxes. Well, except for the kitchen, but that one had to get done first.

I'm also getting bad at doing nothing. I always feel like I have to be cleaning or doing something, so I can't go days on end in my pj's anymore like I could in high school. So sad, I'm losing my slacker ability.

I'm so bad at video games that my little guy is never alive long enough for not blinking to hurt my eyes. Then again, maybe that's my problem, I blink too much.

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