Monday, May 21, 2007

Back to normal

No more company to play with. That's just sad in my opinion. Anyway, now that things are normal and there's no party to plan or people to entertain, I guess I have to get back to my normal housekeeping routine as well. We stayed home all weekend, and the kitchen is gross. I'm looking forward to getting into routine again, it seems I've been stressed out about our party and finishing everything that it's been a while since things have been normal.

In addition to cleaning, I'm also looking forward to working on some projects. I still have puppets to finish, and I'm meant to finish embroiderying a pillowcase for ma. I did the first one while she and dad and I were driving around last week, but that's the thing with pillowcases, there's always a second one. I made an apron out of dollar store kitchen towels last night. My very favorite apron is made the same way, but it's red and green plaid and decidedly Christmasy, and it's seen better days because I like it so much, I use it all year long. So the new one is white with yellow and red stripes. And it's nice to have a nice new apron. I have some more of those to finish too, though that will involve a supplies trip to find towels to match some that I bought a while back.

There's knitting too. I bought lots of yarn while I was out with ma at yarn stores. Sock yarn for me and for ben, white for some baby things. I just couldn't resist that because it's so soft and baby things are so fun to make, and there's always someone to give them to. And I was showing ma some of the yarn I got from knit picks a while back, and just touching the Gloss made me want to start socks out of it, NOW. So maybe I'll wind it up tonight and do some gauge checking with that one. I do have black Sockotta on the needles for Ben right now. The cuff is about two inches long. These are going slowly.

I'm thinking of buying Sweater Wizard. Any informal reviews from those of you who may have used it?

Work has been giving me lots more hours, at a time when I'd really like to be doing fewer. I'd like to only have two days a week, as I really want to start devoting a lot more time to the house and to my projects. I want to learn to quilt, and I did get a few fat quarters to that end. I was hoping to start devoting each day to a different activity, so then I would remember to get on the sewing machine more and work on clothes for me, learning to quilt, making Gabe's puppets, that sort of thing. For some reason, even though I only work about six hours at a time, I can't seem to do anything but the basics on the days that I work. I'm just feeling like the job drains a lot of energy out of me, even though I really enjoy it. Maybe I should just work on some time management techniques. But my hope is that before long, I'll be back to two days a week.

What's a blog post without a picture?

This is a church in Miami, AZ that we wanted to see closer after we'd driven through on the way to (the torture of) Bingo in a little casino out in Globe. I think it's called St. Mary's. It was very pretty. And it was raining when I took the picture, so it's a little dark-ish.
Also, I've promised a scathing review of Knit 1, Bead 2 in Jerome, AZ, a shop we visited last week. I'll have to save that for another day, since it's time to get moving and get some of those dishes done. Just know that Jerome is cool, but the yarn shop Knit 1, Bead 2, is not, and the owner (if that's who was working) is so not, and it's in for a scathing review. Yes, scathing.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007

It's Convalidation Day!

So, Ben and I are getting married Catholic today. I'm very excited to receive this sacrament. And wear my tiara. Don't worry, my excitement is in that order.

Yesterday, I frosted the cakes and set them up on the cake stand, and Julie and I did the flowers. They all look really cute. We went to Sam's and loaded up on a huge box of white mums, carnations, filler, little purply blue things, lots of stuff. And we made about six or seven arrangements for the house, my bouquet, her bouquet, and the flowers to bring to Mary's alcove. Not bad in all. I still have to wrap the stems with ribbon and make them look pretty, but that's all I have to finish today. Other than trying to look pretty.

Ben gave me my wedding gift last night. I gave him engraved cufflinks, and he gave me a beautiful diamond and sapphire pendent. Since we already bought my necklace that matches my tiara and earrings, I'm going to put the pendent on a bracelet. It'll be my something blue.

Okay, wish me luck, I don't want to trip or cry too hard.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Die Hard is a Christmas Movie and Lethal Weapon is a Love Story

So, is everyone sick of seeing the same post on the my blog? Well, not anymore!

Ma and dad got here yesterday. The car we rented is so adorable. It's a cream colored PT Cruiser Convertible with a black soft top. It's like a little tuxedo car. Perfect for a wedding.

Today is cake day. Yum. I planned decorations out of beads and wire so that I won't have to do much but bake and frost. And clean.

Brian and Julie are coming tonight. Yay!

I've got most of what has to get done done. And things are looking good.

I picked up a crap load of palm branches that fell in the wind yesterday. I have them out and ready for the trash guys already this morning. More like ten crap loads. They're big.

Okay, maybe pictures later.

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