Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back in the Saddle

I finished everything on my list yesterday except sorting my coupons. I forgot that I left my coupon box in the car, so it was in St. Louis. I forgot to get it out of the car last night, so I'll bring it in tonight, and sorting the coupons is on the list for tomorrow.

For today, my list looks like this:
1. Pay all the bills, take care of misc. correspondence done!
2. Unpack the last box left downstairs. woohoo! done!
3. Test the embroidery design I digitized yesterday.
4. Finish two loads of laundry. done!
5. Bake banana muffins.
6. Decide how to cook chicken and make dinner.
7. Cut Ben's hair.

We had some changes to our menu this week. We couldn't find a beef roast for a good price, so we got a couple of small chickens instead. I'm not sure yet how I'll cook them yet, I think I'll probable just roast them. Whole chickens are an ingredient that aren't all that familiar to me, so we'll just have to see how dinner turns out.

My lasagna yesterday turned out much better than usual! I'd contribute that to two different things, and I'll have to remember that so I can try to get as good results in the future. One, I forgot to buy tomato paste, so the sauce was thinner than usual, but that worked well in the lasagna, since the noodles seemed to soak up the extra liquid. And second, I remembered to salt the pasta water, which is something I usually just forget. I think that both or either of these is what made it better than all the other times I've made it.

I'm planning to update with some pictures later. Adam says he can't wait to see pictures of the apron making process. I've got to fix my cutting table before I can get started on sewing the apron, so I'll add that to the list, and then with the design tested and the cutting table fixed, I should be able to get it mostly finished tomorrow. It depends on if I want to work straight through on it. It's funny how Adam has a knack for adding enough details to a project to make a two hour project into a week long one.

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