Monday, January 07, 2008

Back on Track Monday

I tried to hit the floor running this morning, but it wasn't easy because we had some restless sleep last night. A piece of the siding on the wall outside our bedroom came loose and was banging around against the wall all night. Ben was worried about it being a lot of damage, but he fixed it pretty easily once we got a ladder today.

I did get all the Christmas boxes carried upstairs and put away in the storage room. And I got a ton of stuff carried up that belongs up there. I'm still working out which things should go where in the house. I know I have room for everything, but I'm feeling like I want to get everything just right as I put it away. I might have to resign myself to just getting everything put away, and then re-arranging things as I live with them and know where I want stuff more.

I did clean and sanatize the whole kitchen this morning, which I'm glad to have gotten the chance to do, since I haven't done a real deep cleaning of the counters and sink since we moved in. I've just been wiping clean the open areas, but today I moved all the stuff off and cleaned all the corners and edges. It's good to have that done at least once a week, so the dust and cat fur doesn't build up. Yeah, cat fur. It's absolutely everywhere in this house.

Ben's friend Ken came over for dinner tonight. I was glad to have company, it's always lots of fun to get to cook for someone new. I think he really liked dinner and I kind of made things a little more fancy than usual. I made mashed potatoes and cornbread with corn and cheese in it, and roasted brussels sprouts with carrots, and the steaks. And for dessert, I made the brownies, so Ben can take some to work tomorrow. We had some of Ben's brandied cherries with our brownies. Those are so yummy!

I sent him home with a bag of food. I'm so like someone's grandma. I seriously put a brownie in a cleaned out butter tub and put everything in a little brown bag. But you know what? Even if it is a little lame, I'm so glad to get to share food with someone!

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