Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bagel Making

Yesterday, Ben and I went to mass and then to lunch at the Chinese Buffet. Traditional new year's day Chinese Food. :D We made bagels after we got back home, and then later in the afternoon, Angie and Cruz stopped by on their way back to MI to drop off some homemade tamales for Ben. He was really excited about that. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay because Angie was feeling ill and the kids were very homesick. But it was nice to visit a little, and I can't wait till she or all of them can come by some time for a longer visit.

Here are a few pictures of the bagel making process. We used the recipe found here. Btw, if you're at all interested in homesteading or just learning valuable homemaking skills you should definately browse the rest of her site. She's put a ton of work into it, and it's packed with lots of interesting info.

Kneading the dough.

Action kneading!

More Kneading

After shaping and before rising.

After Rising

After Boiling


After Baking, the finished product!

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Mary said...

Is that a picture of your new house up in the corner of your blog?

It is beautiful!!

Amy Caroline said...

I love your smile when kneading! The bagels look awesomne too!

Bethany said...

Mary, yep, that's home now! Thank you, I'm glad you think so. I know I'm so lucky to have such a pretty new house.

Amy Caroline, thanks. Ben was making me laugh while he was taking the pictures for me. That was at the beginning of the kneading, when I was still fresh. If he'd taken a picture after fifteen minutes of kneading, it would have been a much more tired smile.

One tip on this recipe that I found yesterday. If you let the bagels cool on the pans a bit before you take them off, they're easier to remove and won't lose their bottoms as much.

Julie said...

I dig the action picture. Also, I had no idea you have to boil bagels! Crazy!

Bethany said...

Yeah, Ben was like, "who looked at that and said, hey, we should totally boil this dough before we bake it!" But I guess that's what makes bagels chewy? Otherwise, I suppose it's just bagel shaped bread.

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