Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Blogger Book Club

Hadias is hosting a Blogger Book Club on her blog, and I'm pretty excited about it, since the last one was so interesting and so much fun.

The book this time is Thrift in the Household and it can be read free online by clicking the link.

Every week we'll read and then answer discussion questions on our own blogs, adding links at her blog so we can all find each other's answers.

If you'd like more information and to join in the fun, visit here.

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Hadias said...

Bethany I would like to begin Monday or whenever we have at least 10 participants, whichever comes first. We should have 10 by Monday.

Thanks for joining and for posting about the book club.

In addition I am not able to use Mr.Linky twice (Blogger Book Club & Blogger Craft Club) on my blog so we will have to post our answer to the discussion questions via comments.

Bethany said...

Cool. I wanted to start reading it yesterday, but I talked myself out of reading ahead. I have to talk myself out of peeking at presents, too.

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