Monday, January 28, 2008

Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays (Name that Movie!)

I woke up this morning feeling kind of tired and unmotivated. I guess I'm not really a morning person, more of a stare at nothing to 8 or 9 person. Anyway, Monday is always a busy sort of day, and I need to stay moving, so I'm making sure to post my list early in order to get some things done.

My morning routine:
1. Get up, get clean, get dressed
2. See Ben off with Coffee, Breakfast and Lunch / Listen to today's Bible readings while I
3. Empty the dishwasher/drainer/clean the sink/wipe the counters
4. Make the bed and tidy the bedroom
5. Clean the litter and take out the trash and feed/water the cats

Then I'll eat breakfast while I make up the list for the day.

Today I asked Ben what he'd like me to get done this week, and he suggested hanging the pictures that are left to hang and working on unpacking the few things that are left upstairs. So I'll start my list with those.

1. Hang pictures
2. Work upstairs/unbury treadmill
3. Make sauce this morning and put lasagna together this afternoon
4. Get the embroidery design for Adam's apron layed out
5. Wash the fabric for the apron and iron if needed
6. Write and post first Christmas in My Heart Post
7. Shave my legs (I know, I should hardly have to put it on a to do list, but there you go)
8. Organize coupons/gather reciepts/price some menu meals

I'm tempted to add "Take a nap" to my list, but I don't think I'll need reminding. And if I actually get everything on my list finished today and there's time, I may just reward myself with a nap. I caught a bug in MI, and while I'm not actually feeling too sick anymore, I am feeling slightly run down, and I don't want to get sicker, so I'll leave the more heavy cleaning and moving the bedroom furniture around that needs to get done for a little later in the week. The things on today's list all need to get done, but aren't too physical, so that seems just about right for a day like today.

I'm feeling a lot more motivated now, and I'm hoping to have my list done by early afternoon. If you'd like to read about how others are getting motivated today, there are lots of links here.

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Kacie said...

Office Space! Awesome. Have a good day!

Jennifer B said...

Aw, someone guessed already. :)

Good luck with your list.

Alison said...

I shaved my legs yesterday. It was a big accomplishment

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