Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold Front

I never did get to update with pictures, and I didn't completely finish my list, because there were big storms and high winds that went through yesterday afternoon and through the evening, knocking the power out for most of that time.

I decided not to put the chicken in the oven to roast because I was concerned that the power would go out and I'd be stuck with lukewarm poultry to throw away. Ben brought some cheesesticks from Papa John's for dinner instead. Not exactly good for our health or our wallet, but since pizza is inherently fun, it helped cheer us when the storm was seeming so bad. I'm planning to do roast chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight, and we'll just save the fajitas for next week.

I didn't test the embroidery, and I didn't cut Ben's hair either, because both of those things need electricity. But they're both on the list for today. In fact, I have a short list today. I have to send some greeting cards, sort my coupons, wash a load of laundry, cut Ben's hair tonight, and make the apron. I'm planning to take pictures of the apron making process, because I thought those of you who are interested in sewing or learning to sew might like to see the different steps.

I didn't sleep well last night. It's strange. I felt like I was relaxing and settling in here at our new house, but the storm yesterday unsettled me, and my anxiety was pretty high.

And I've been waking up at three or four, feeling wide awake and not being able to fall back to sleep very well. That happened this last spring while we lived in Phoenix, and went on for about a month before I was so worn out from it that I talked to my doctor. She prescribed Ambien, which I took in quarters of pills for about two months, and then stopped taking it. I've slept fairly well since then, with the exception of the nights when we first moved in here.
I'm sure it's related much more to my emotions than to any physical problem though, and so hope to work on relaxing more before sleep. I think getting some exercise again will help as well, so about twenty minutes on the treadmill a day is in the plan too.

I also did a novena when we moved in that helped a lot. It is a scripturally based novena about fear. I plan to start it again, as the verses were very comforting and served to ease my anxiety by reminding me that nothing can separate us from God's love.

It's also a beautiful day today, and the sun is shining golden on the field across the street. That's do more to calm me than anything else. I'm grateful for sunshine today after a stormy cold evening and night.
Here is the result of all the sauce and lasagna making on Monday. I've got a big lasgana and two personal ones to freeze, one for dinner that night, and lots of sauce for quick meals. I like to freeze the sauce in the silicon muffin pan, because they pop right out after freezing. Then I can store the frozen "sauce muffins" in a freezer bag and thaw them one at a time as needed. It makes having pasta for dinner very easy.
I took pictures of all the pictures I hung on Monday, but I'm having trouble with blogger's picture hosting, so this is the only one I got to load. I bought Ben this cross with the Risen Jesus on it for his confirmation two years ago. I'm deciding whether or not I should hang some other things on this wall as well, maybe family pictures. This is right across from the front door.
Notice the cd's. I'd guess that about ten of them are mine. Two Christmases ago, I mp3'ed all of Ben's cd's and got him an adapter to listen to his ipod in the car. He never did use the ipod, and we ended up giving it to my nephew. But it was still worth getting all the music into the computer, because I listen to it as I want now. I think he's got a cd addiction.

Here's the fabric for the apron I'm making for Adam's friend. The black is the front and will have the custom embroidery on it, and the hound's tooth check is the lining. It is going to sharp looking. I think I might even put pockets on the checked side, and then it will be reversible. More on that later today.

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