Thursday, January 03, 2008


Yesterday, Adam called me Toto and told me I don't live in AZ anymore. Just because I was telling him that it is bone cracking, fridigly, icily, never be warm again, cold here. He may think I'm a wimp, but I took some pictures yesterday morning to prove that it's too cold. These are of the edges of my back door.

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Julie said...

Just looking at those pictures makes me cold

Kacie said...

Whoa! That's beautiful...but it looks cold. Welcome to the midwest, I suppose (and wish I was there, myself).

I'm wondering about the insulation/seal on your door. Typically, they don't ice over like that if they're sealed tight.

Bethany said...

But you're always cold, so I won't feel guilty, Julie.

Kacie, it's interesting you'd ask. It's actually the storm door. Ben and I were just commenting on how great all the seals and windows in this house are, because you can stand by the back door and feel no cold at all, even though the storm door just the other side of it is completely frosted over. The same goes for the sun. That's the south side of the house, and when the back door is closed, you don't even feel the sun, but when you open it so you're next to the storm door, it's like a little oven. It was interesting to have such an obvious example of a not well insulated door vs a well insulated door.

Also, I was thinking of your blog the other day because Ben decided to seal up the pet door here in the living room. He got one of those kits with the plastic, but before he put the shrinky plastic on, he stuffed the space with two of our fleece blankets for picnics and such. It made me wonder how much you could save if you could somehow fill all that shrinky plastic on windows with something. It might be taking frugality too far to want to fill all my windows with packing peanuts though, lol.

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