Monday, January 14, 2008

Getting on Track for the Week

I started out kind of slowly today. I guess I didn't sleep very well, so I've been pretty foggy this morning. Since I had a hard time getting moving, I included some of my morning routine into my to do list for the day, just to make sure it got done.

My morning routine is usually:
1. Get Up, Get Clean, Get Dressed
2. Get Ben's lunch together and say goodbye then sit and read today's Bible readings
3. Clean litter boxes, change trash, and feed and water cats.
4. Make bed and tidy bedroom.
5. Put away all clean dishes and clean out sink of any others.

Since I finished all my morning routine but #5 right away, today my to do list looks like this:
1. Empty Dishwasher & Drainer
2. Wipe down counters, sink, stove, and inside of oven
3. Mix up pancake batter for tonight's dinner (this week's menu is here)
4. Finish Ali's mittens
5. Pack up boxes to ship
6. Print labels & email for Ben
7. Write & send thank you note
8. Clean guest bathroom
9. Bake apple pies
10. Read the first part of the Blogger Book Club book
11. Call phone company
12. Sweep kitchen & living room
13. Send check to library

So far today, I've finished 1, 2, 7, 8, 11, 12, 13. I started with the harder things that weren't as much fun, and now I'm sitting down to read the beginning of the book club book and knit the pocket for Alison's mitten. When that's done, I'll sew it on, and I'll be completely ready to pack up her box and send it. Then I'll be able to print out mailing labels, so that'll take care of those four items. That'll leave the baking and getting the batter ready for dinner to take care of after lunch and this late afternoon. I like to bake in the afternoon, because then the house will smell extra good when Ben comes home.

I'll post later with pictures to show my progress!

*Edit: Check out how it all turned out here.

If you're interested in some motivation with making your home a haven, visit Crystal's blog every Monday.

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Laura said...

I love that you bake in the afternoon so that it smells better for when your husband comes home. What a great wife you are!

Bethany said...

Thanks! It makes sense to me, since that's one of the best parts of home baked things, smelling it! :D

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