Thursday, January 10, 2008

Goals for Today

I had a very nice time yesterday at the homemaker's club meeting. I think that I'll join. It'll be very nice to know some people in the area.

I'm not feeling very well though, I think I may have some sort of flu. But I don't actually have to go anywhere or anything, so I'll just rest as I go.

I'm posting my goals for today so I can track my progress a bit better, as I've been feeling a little like things aren't getting done. But I know I'm doing stuff, so maybe keeping track will help me feel a little better about how I'm spending my days. I've done my morning routine, so these goals are beyond the vital things that get done everyday.

1. Do all the laundry, including sheets and towels.
2. Put together the hamper, super gluing if necessary.
3. Finish unpacking my sewing room. Organize as much as possible without knowing where fabric will be stored (think about fabric storage), and set up machines and sewing table. Eliminate all boxes from the sewing room, leaving only things that will stay permenantly.
4. Finish up all of the things for Ali's Christmas gift and pack up to send. Pack two other boxes that have to be shipped as well.
5. Start crocheting the hat promised to Angie. (And probably finish as well, since they only take an hour or so.)
6. Take pictures along the way and post my progress.

I think that's good for now. If I actually manage to finish all this, I'll take stock and set some more this afternoon.

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