Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Google Ads Update

Since this post, back in Dec. I've made about $30 more with my google ads. I'm at $90 and looking forward to hitting my payout of $100. I'm planning to put this money toward a dress form so I can more easily make clothes for myself.

I'd attribute this quick increase to two things. One, I've had increased traffic on my blog and site in the last few months. This is because I've been commenting more on other blogs, but it has mostly come from the carnivals and challenges I've joined and left my link in. Much like Crystal's Money Making Monday linkys and Menu Planning Monday at orgjunkie.com. This increased traffic has really improved my page impression numbers and made the chances much higher that someone will happen by and see an ad link thay interests them and click it.

The second reason I see for the big jump in income is just that mentioning the ads in that first post made my readers more aware of them and interested in the links they provide. The day of my first post about making money with the Google Ads program was my highest payout day, and I think this is because mentioning them allowed my readers to actually see the ads and look at what they offer and not just skim by them like most of us do usually.

I'd recommend the program to anyone with a blog or website, especially if you update and post regularly in the first place. When your $100 check comes it it can be pretty exciting, and it's nice to have the extra money adding up for a rainy day. Or for a dress form! :D

Click here to sign up.

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Jennifer said...

How do you add this to your site to start making money? Thanks!

Bethany said...

I left a comment on your blog that's pretty detailed. But for everyone else who's curious, you can put the ads on your blogger blog very easily. In the layout menu where you can add links and things to your sidebars, one of the choices is Google AdSense. Just pick how you want the ad box to look and you're good to go.

KreativeMix said...


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