Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

My Year in Posts
I started the year with a post on the first of January. We kicked off 07 with a trip to Vegas. Also in January, I rescued a run away dog from the traffic and got a sunburn doing it.

I adjusted to my new-ish job at Curves and settled in there. As the year went on, I got the chance to show some creativity at my job and made some really excellent friends there.

Adam came to visit and we had a very good time.

I did have some problems with my health for much of the year, but I've been feeling a lot better in the last few months.

I got to marry my wonderful husband all over again, and this time with the blessing of the Catholic Church.

I made several trips home to MI, one of which was on my birthday to choose a dress to wear to our ceremony, and one was for a surprise anniversary party for my parents.

I found out we would move from Phoenix, and visited St. Louis for the first time. In November, I posted everyday on my blog and also left Chandler, drove to St. Louis, lived in a hotel, and found our new house.

I started a new feature on my blog and also started writing lots of posts on more than just my goings on, including articles for Associated Content.

I finished a number of different projects, but began an even larger number of them!

We ended the year by celebrating Christmas with each other and family and lots and lots of food.

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Melonie said...

Love the house picture! Happy New Year!

Julie said...

likewise! it looks so snowy and cozy.

Bethany said...

Thanks guys! That's my new little house, all snowed in. But there's not any snow anymore, it melted soon after that.

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