Friday, January 04, 2008

Hoping for a productive day

The last two days, I got some things finished, but I didn't seem to use my time quite as well as I could have. So, today the plan is that I will unpack and organize in my sewing room straight through till lunch, and then I'll spend another hour finishing up what I can depending how far I've gotten. At two, I'm planning to sit down and knit and knit. I've been easily distracted the last few days and in spite of planning to devote an hour or two to knitting, I've not made much progress at all. But I want to get to the post office this weekend to send stuff out, so Ali's presents must be finished! I've got a long movie from netflix, so I'll watch that and knit.

Ben's working from home today because he has some conference calls this afternoon that will probably go long, and he didn't want to add the commute on top of that till he gets home. This way he'll "get" home when he hangs up the phone. I'm planning to do my best to ignore him and pretend that he's not home. I want him to feel comfortable working here so he'll do it more. Not distracting him is the first point in my plan. Getting the upstairs set up to be his office is the big part of it. We'll probably do that this weekend.

In addition to unpacking my sewing room, I'm planning to sweep all the floors today, and I'm praying that our dryer will finally be delivered. I have so much laundry to do! I've been doing laundry and drying on drying racks, and I still will do that, but it's gotten so far behind because everything's taking a day and half or two days to dry. The sheets are the first in line as soon as the dryer men leave!

I'll post some updates later today, but for now, enough bloggin, it's time to get moving!

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